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Knee injury - need some hope!!


Hi all, I need some hope from somewhere have been out of running for about 5 weeks due to a painful knee. Have been having physio but tried a gentle jog today and couldn't manage more than 10 minutes - had previously been doing 30/40 minute runs and had got as far as 9K in an hour. Have a 10K run next weekend which it looks like I may have to pull out of, but wanted to hear from anyone who's had knee injuries but have managed to get back to running. I'm panicking I won't be able to run again after working really hard to complete c25k and finding something I really love doing. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Has the physio said what is wrong with your knee? Is this a sports physio and is s/he giving you any exercises to do? Has s/he said you can run again?

I don't know if I can offer you hope, but will share my story to date. I missed about 10 weeks in total due to an Iliotibial Band problem which lead to knee pain. I first developed a pain in the outside of my knee during the last week of October. I then spent (wasted) the next 4 weeks leaving the knee for increasingly longer periods between runs, then trying again. The pain would start again after about 4km. Finally I went to a sports physio and had numerous sessions with her, being 'signed off' from running for 6 weeks. The really annoying thing was I had no pain whatsoever when I wasn't running.

She showed me stretches for the IT band, and suggested I use a foam roller. I also had several sessions of acupuncture with her. She said I was ok to cycle as long as I didn't stand on the pedals, nor use cleats, so I put in a few miles on the bike during these 6 weeks.

In January I was told I could run again, but I was only to run for 30 mins for the first 3 or 4 weeks. She suggested ice, ice and more ice for any and all aches and pain following running.

On my last visit she said I could start increasing running time and I've been slowly increasing my mileage again. I'm not back to pre-injury levels yet, but am going slowly with increasing my long runs and started tackling hills again this week. I managed to run for 40 mins (7km) at what was my previous 10K race pace on Thursday, on a level route - I drove to town to run along the canal path, just to time myself as my usual routes are hilly. I am registered to run a (hilly) 10K in 4 weeks, but will just see how my training goes for the next few weeks.

I'm doing several exercises each day to strengthen my hips and core, including some using an exercise (stretch) band.

It's a long, frustratingly slow process and I trying to be patient about increasing my distances again.


I was diagnosed in early November with chondromalacia patella which is apparently so common in runners it's often called runner's knee.

Could be coincidence but it started just after I did much longer run than usual.

I was very reluctant to stop tryint to run and this did it no good whatsoever, if I'd rested completely right at the start it would have been better sooner.

This is what I think you should do:


2. Go to a sports physio who will give you advice on your specific knee.

3. Do what he/she tells you.

It took about 4 months before I could run a little again, it's now 4.5 months and I can run 3K on the treadmill no bother. My knee still niggles the next day which is why I'm increasing my distance VERY gradually, from a fitness point of view my 3K is easy-peasy - but I'm not making the same mistake twice...

Whatever's wrong with your knee you need an exact diagnosis from an expert and this would probably be a sports physio. Good luck and let us know how you get on!


Over 4 months out now for myself with plantar faciitis. It took me ages to accept that I wouldn't be running for a while. Are there any other forms of exercises you can do in the meantime? Swimming is low impact as it cycling.


I've been out for eight weeks with a torn ligament in my knee. Started back a week ago. I went right back to week 1, managed that fine, just a little discomfort. Then I did 1 week 2 run. This is not due to fitness levels but in order not to aggravate my knee any more. I've just completed 2 week 3 sessions. My knee was quite sore after but I make sure I ice it.

I followed Mitts' advice, rested until my knee was ok and went to a physio. Hoping that as long as I take it easy I should be ok.

Hope you recover quickly.


MittsGraduate in reply to vikicats

Hey Viki!

Glad to hear you're getting better slowly too! You're right, just keep progressing nice and slow and your knee will get used to running again. I found 2 days between runs worked best for my knees when I was at the start of working up again, was a bit frustrating because as you say my fitness level could have done more!

This past week I've really felt for the first time I'm almost back to normal. 3 runs in 6 days, today 25 mins of slow-jog for 4// jog a bit faster for 1 minute intervals. Great on the treadmill, you can see exactly what you're doing! :-) So far so good. Now I'm having two days off due to work and then - we'll see!

I'm using one of those 'cold' gel creams on my knees too, might be psychological but it seems to help! :-D


Poor you!

I got 'runner's knee' in Wk2 and stopped running for several weeks I saw a physio, had gait analysis and got some proper running shoes. I eventually graduated last week after taking things very slowly.

Anyway, the bit of advice I have is that when I returned to running after the injury I wrapped my leg in tubigrip, double thickness, from thigh to ankle. (This also helped to ease the pain during the acute phase of the injury). I only ran without when I was confident that I was 'cured'. Even now, months later, if I feel a twinge in either knee, out comes the tubigrip and I run with it for a few days until I feel happy.

Good luck!

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