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Why does the post writing text box keep appearing under the post all the time?

I have come back to this page 3 times now just to check. My post appears in the body of the blog page and I can also see the text box below it with my original composition of the post. If I click the update tag the box disappears. Shut the page down. Reopen it from the emailed link and it is still there. Why? Tried clicking the Cancel tab last time, box disappeared but there it is again when I open it up from the link. Please will you make it stop?

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I've no idea why it happens but it is irritating. Actually, on reflection I may know. I think perhaps it gives us an opportunity to update a reply, rather than do another one later down the thread of conversation. But I think that's of marginal benefit because normally you want to reply in the light of later comments and have it appear there, not as an add-on to the original comment. Doh!


Dunno but it gets on my nerves too.


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