Does anyone know when the NHS C25K programme first started? Is it all a government conspiracy?? :)

Does anyone know when the NHS C25K programme first started? Is it all a government conspiracy?? :)

At the weekend my husband was having an argument about this with a friend, who thinks, apparently, that C25K was dreamt up by the Tories as a method of controlling the populace ;) 

I thought that the C25K programme had originated in the US some time ago, and this idea I find substantiated by a link from a previous post from Bazza1234 here:

The earliest evidence of the NHS scheme I could find was from September 2010 (a few months after the Coalition government came to power), courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

But I don't know if it appeared on a previous incarnation of the NHS website.

Is it all a conspiracy? Would we care if it was? :D



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  • I don't know but I'm sure I saw Elvis out running the other day.......😉

  • Thank you very much :D

  • Yes, he was running to the chip shop where he  works ;-) xxx

  • It was a conspiracy from the Illuminati Lizard people to make sure we all get out and get maximum exposure to their mind controlling chemtrails.

  • I knew it!!

  • Heehee :D :D If it is a government conspiracy then it's the only decent thing they've ever done for the NHS

  • If it was introduced by the Conservative Party, they would be taxing us for running by now!  

  • I have been steeped in conspiracy truths and theories for 6 years now. I have yet to see anything about conspiracy to get people in fit condition.  They want us vaccinated with and for anything and every thing, vitamin D deficient, on the dole, believing the lame stream media, watching there junk on the T.V. and buried and blinded in all the entertainment and lusts they put before us, while having the rest working for Pharoah and never able to quite get ahead financially. I have seen local Governments raid people selling raw milk and growing their own organic produce or raising their own food. I have seen gardens become illegal in the front yard and people fined and jailed for flying their own Nation's flag. I have seen Shariah law supported, defended and pushed while Christians are demonized and persecuted. Never yet have I seen a conspiracy to get people in shape. That's a new one to my ears.

  • He is a very strange person... :)

  • Did your friend explain how exactly C25K would control the populous?

    Was it just control them to get them off their fat backsides and get healthier, or was there some added control involved?  :D

  • Perhaps it is a conspiracy to get people healthier so the country pays less in expensive treatments and surgery.  That would be scandalous :D

  • A young man invented it for his mum.  The rest is history 😊

  • Ah MissW, the voice of reason!

  • I don't think sitting on your arse on the sofa quite works as an act of rebellion.

  • This guy just doesn't like anything the Tories do :)

  • Laura St Quinton (known to us as Saint Laura) started running with C25K in January 2010, according to some rummaging on the NHS Choices website. She was posting on this forum during 2012... and gave no reason to suspect she is a made up person (presumably because this is the NHS rather than DWP) 

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