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Couch to 5K
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Keep The Faith - W4R1, 2nd time lucky!

I was not looking forward to todays session as on Sunday I only managed about 1 minute of the 2nd 5min jog (plod) before stopping completely ~ I had no more to give.... not even a walk (although an hour later I was doing a charity zumba session... go figure...) And I had been thinking of reasons since Sunday why I shouldn't carry on with C25K.

Anyway, this morning while walking the dogs I gave myself a bit of a talking too came home and got changed and headed out to the garage to the treadmill. My 1st lot of recovery times seemed a little bit better so on I plodded until the dreaded last 5 min session, but I dug deep and passed the barrier where I stopped before, gave myself a gasping whoop and plodded on. Before I knew it there was only a minute to go so I gritted my teeth and kept telling myself 'its only a minute, you can do a minute'.

I was so pleased when Laura said I could slow down, but the buzz from managing it is AMAZING!

Back to Positive Mental Attitude - I can do this!

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well done for getting out there and doing it! You're right, you CAN do it! :)


Well done for not giving up and cracking it.

You mentioned dog walking ...is there any way you can combine your run with your dog walk?

I started c25k on the pavement and was ready to give up by week 3 ... then I tried running in the park with my dog (off lead). He goes off and explores whilst I walk, but sticks close when I behave unnaturally (for me!) and run.Seems to enjoy lolloping slowly by me.


I don't feel confident enough to 'go public' with my plodding just yet which is why I've tucked myself away in our garage on a treadmill. I am hoping that in a few weeks time I will be able to tackle the 'great outdoors' but at the minute I don't think I would have enough puff to be able to call the dogs back if I needed to!! I'm only going to take the mongrel with me though, I don't think the great dane would manage it, she's more of a couch potato than I was :)


Barnaby, my Golden retriever is almost 2.5 years old. You could say my C25k journey really started when I started having to take him for a walk. We gradually built up the distance we covered until we were covering about 5k a day ...but that took almost 1.5 hours with a coffee break in the middle if we were "good", aka walk fast/walk slow a la wk1/2. No one could tell I was "training" except I might be a bit red of face ...I certainly wasn't dressed like a "runner". This was the foundation that gave me the courage to start C25K (I dont like starting things that I think I'll fail at).

From what I've heard here the transition from treadmill to outdoors can be a bit challenging as the surfaces are so different .... doing a bit of "closet c25k" dog walk prep might help with the transition.

PS I dont want to come over as pushy, telling you what to do ...just wanted to pass on what works for me


No, I don't think your pushy, I appreciate your input. To be honest it's nice to know what works for other people. I've heard that its a bit tougher when you move from a treadmill to outdoors and feel a bit apprehensive about it - I am about 4 stone overweight and don't feel confident about jiggling along in public yet! I hoped once I got to being able to 'jog' for 5 or so minutes on the treadmill it would translate to a couple of minutes outside. Fingers crossed I will be out and about within the next couple of weeks :D


wel done for getting there. You don't need to worry about running outside, didn't you know that once you have put your earphones in you are someone else, you are doggymum the runner. It doesn't matter what people think, you could be just out walking or power walking or running to entertain your dogs. Just go for it you shouldn't be hiding in the garage, it's boring and when you are out in the parks or on the road you can be really nosy and you might see some things you haven't noticed before. Be bold and good luck.


Thank you - I will get out there, I have a local reservoir which is mostly path around (some muddy bits at the mo thanks to the great British weather) and its about the right distance for 5k, maybe just a little short... but my plan is to go round there early one Sunday morning to test my capabilities :)


Doggymum, I was in the same place you are last week. I tried to do W4R3 and didn't even get through the first five minutes!

Decided that I would repeat the entire W4. Did my first run yesterday and the second will come tomorrow. I have high hopes - but am scared to death of W5!


I just did W4R2 this morning and it felt so much harder than Tuesdays 2nd attempt at R1. I think I may have to repeat week 4 until I'm comfortable with the 2nd lot of 5 minutes.... As for week 5, well I am PETRIFIED!


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