Week 7 Run 2 Rubbish but look how far I have come

I enjoyed week 7 run 1. I felt springy and quick(er) plus I had those rainbows to keep me company. But last night for run 2 of week 7 I struggled from the start, panting, limping along like something that should be put down to put it out of its misery.

When Laura said "only 60 seconds to go so lets end on a high" I did try to pick-up my speed but my legs were like lead but I carried on.

The whole thing was horrible and when it was over and I was stretching out my aching legs all the negative thoughts about how rubbish I am, what a failure I am stormed through my head. Then the lovely Laura's voice, in her infinite wisdom, suddenly popped into my head - think of how far you have come.

Yes, how far have I come. Remember those 60secs in week 1, remember them, remember how you struggled then. Remember the ambling pregnant lady you passed and are now even passing dog walkers too. No more slumping in front of the TV, bored out of your head. Now you are out in the open, appreciating the beautiful world you live in, shuffling along for a whole TWENTY FIVE MINS. You didn't think you could even do 5 mins and now you can and most important of all you never give up on a run/podcast no matter how bad you feel so think of that!

It's so easy to run (pardon the pun) oneself down rather thank think positively. The old me would've given up weeks ago on any other exercise regime but C25k is different.

Onwards to Run 3 Mr Week 7

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12 Replies

  • I loved reading your post while shouting HEAR HEAR(in my head of course) truly inspiring and uplifting. My worse run occurred in wk 7 (we all have them apparently) but you've quickly bounced back and will put it behind you to complete week 7. Running 25 minutes is a great achievement WELL DONE!!!

  • Thanks, its great to know I'm not alone in this adventure

  • It seems bad days are the norm and we all get them once in a while, I know I do. I've noticed though that the next run always seems so much easier - and so now I look forward to that after a difficult run :-)

  • Thanks, it is really the people on this forum that keep me going on difficult runs. It seems that it does happen on here to lots of us but it's my pesky negative thoughts that I need squashing.

    I like that you have noticed you have a better run after a bad one so let's see how I get on.

    But I would love to know if Mo Farrah and Mr Bolt experience the same?!

  • I often wonder that - imagine training for years then come the Olympics you have a bad run!! Have heard it said several times in post race interviews. In proportion I reckon it's almost as bad for us tho'. Hope your next run is better. Linda

  • WELL DONE SVR28! You carried on to the end in spite of all the aches and pains! What an achievement for you! you deserve a PAT ON THE BACK! Don't call it a rubbish run. It was a run and got you off the couch.

    Good Luck for your next run - you'll probably do a really 'good' one!

  • Well done for finishing it. We've all come a long way and any run is ALWAYS better than no run!

  • Very true!

  • That's great advice, SVR28, next time I go out there I'll try to think back to week 1 and how hard it was and how far I've come rather than 'what about the next run, I'll never do it'. Thanks :-)

  • Well done on W7R2. I know exactly how you feel, I've just done W7R3 and I have struggled all the way through this week - more mentally than physically. I think you are right though - look how far we have come!

  • Hey, we are almost in the same place in the programme. So if all goes well we should be graduating together! I'm doing run 3 tonight...

  • I too struggled with week 7 and tried repeating it but in the end realised it was psychological and decided to move on to week 8 and strangely the 28 mins seemed easier. Even 8 months after graduating I sometimes find my legs are like lead and I can't even make it round 5k when other days I'm running 7.5k and enjoying it...the enjoyment was certainly a surprise for me and originally I ran to get fit then because it was good child-free me time and now I actually look forward to it and am planning to enter a 10k. Keep up the good work, it is so worth it and Laura's words about all having bad runs for no reason definitely keep me feeling positive!

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