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R3 W1 cheesed off :-(

I've just done r3. Well I say done. I managed 7 of the 8. My iPhone paused the training on walk without me realising. My mind was willing but my body wasn't. I ran after work rather than in a morning. Feeling really disheartened even though I did the same route in roughly the same time. I'm pleased I got off my backside and exercised just cheesed off I didn't complete it the way I wanted to. Should I repeat this or go onto W2. My breathing was OKish (better than r1)!!

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I wouldn't worry about the missing minute, it sounds like you're ready for week 2 with the breathing coming under control.


It's very easy to get reliant on a routine, or it certainly was for me. The same route, the same time of day, the same music/podcast and then if something throws you off (such as your phone playing up) it can be really disheartening. Try to relax as much as you can. So the 3rd time didn't go quite according to plan, you still did more than you were doing last week and you should congratulate yourself for that!

You've achieved the biggest milestone, you've decided to get out there and make a start! Well done on completing Week 1.


I had a nightmare with my phone during runs 1 and 2 on week 2. So I know how this can make you feel. However, don't let it hold you back. YOU DID IT. Good for you :) I'm not as experienced as the other responders to your post (only just started week 3 this week) but I would say push on to the next run ...... I bet you can do it :)


Thanks. Think I will start week 2. Feeling positive but will try and do morning runs x


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