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Help needed with MP3

My MP3 player has arrived with instructions how to find my way around it but nothing that tells me how to put music and downloads onto it.

It has a small CD with it that I've put into my computer but that only seems to be files of demo music etc. If the files are more relevant I can't see what I'm meant to do with them!

It has a USB connector that I've plugged into the computer and that seems to charge the battery.

I've downloaded a couple of the podcasts onto my computer but I can't get the MP3 player and computer talking to each other.

Is there a simple way anyone can tell me what I should be doing please?

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I am definately not a techno geek but on my laptop I have to go to "computer" on the startup menu & then double click on the removeable devices I think it is. with me its a walkman so says walkman. anyway, double clicking on "walkman" for me opens up a folder where I can drag music to from other folders, usually from windows media player, or my recent downloads folder ~ the downloads folder is also found on the startup menu by searching for downloads & double clicking again.

good luck. if this doesnt make sense then I hope that someone "in the know" can help you better. shelley


sorry, meant to say, when I say startup menu, I mean click on the big round windows logo on the very bottom left hand corner, on the bottom toolbar bit (sorry thats probably not what its called) when I hover the mouse over it it says "start"


Woohoo, in my eyes you are now a techno geek. The podcast is now on my MP3 player.



Ha, Im a techno geek!!! hubby will think this is very funny indeed. happy to hear that podcast is where it should be.

have fun. shelley x


you are not alone ! I thought I was brilliant at technology...until I came to try and get my podcast onto my little iPod Shuffle. At about the fourth swearing attempt I finally figured out how to drag and drop...and I think (fingers crossed) it is there


But meriad - with the shuffle you don't even need to drag and drop! ;-)


well it was the only way I could do it...need my daughter (or a handy 8 year old child) to demonstrate


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