Decision Made!

Well I bought the books, thought long and hard, finally booked a hotel room for the night before...

I going to enter the Manchester Marathon when it opens later this week for 6th April 2014. :D :D :D

Decision made eek, Sue and your dastardly thoughts :-) just need to get reading them books and pulling the training plan together...must get August HM out of the way first!


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40 Replies

  • Wow Phil...congratulations :) You will do great I'm sure. Good luck with the HM in August. I am going to enter for a HM in March or April, I've been thinking about it for a few weeks and have now decided. That means I have to continue training through winter no matter what the weather :) Are you going to do your own training plan or check out a professional one? How have you been training for the HM?

    We really have to be careful with Sue's dastardly thoughts as she will get us all in :) :) :)

  • Hahaha! I think I might be getting a bad reputation on here! ;) Well done on committing to a HM though Andrea. You will rock it rockchic! x

  • Training in cool weather, just think mmmmm. I just kinda increased my long run by 10% per week. But im definitely going to read, have bought 3 books from ebay to get a plan for the big one

  • Don't know what you mean Phil!!! ;) Fantastic to hear this though. You will do just great, in both events, I have no doubt at all! Now, GO TRAIN!!!!

    Sue x

  • Looking forward to it, sure it will be tough at times, but looking forward to it :-) and thanks for the multiple pushes ;-)

  • Great stuff Phil :-) good luck with your HM. I love reading the blogs (sorry posts) from you, Delia, oldgirl and many more. I am still out there, walking at the moment with dislocated shoulder hopefully running again in 4 weeks. Pat

  • Thanks Pat, hope your shoulder gets better soon

  • Oh wow... That is so amazingly exciting and it's so so good to have something to aim for. I would so love to do that too but I'm many miles away from Manchester!! Good luck and well done! Juicyju

  • Cheers, maybe you could choose something closure to home ;-)

  • Good idea!! It's the Bristol half in September which coincides with my 43rd but we had already planned a weekend away, but thinking of the Bathhalf next may. I bet you can't wait!!

  • Well done Phil - I look forward to following your training on the Garmin group :-)

  • Thanks, there will be many many runs :D

  • Good for you - look forward to following your progress.

  • Cheers, I'm sure there will be the odd blog along the way :-)

  • Wow Phil wonderful news. Just remind me and everyone when did you step foot outside your door to do Week 1 Run 1 of C25K?

    Wishing you all the best for August 1/2M and look forward to reading your posts on your training, your wonderful. :)

  • Cheers oldgirl, it was 28th May 2012, but it feels like a lifetime ago,   I remember being worried about going outside for that first run. Thanks for all the support along the way :-)

  • Oh my goodness, what a story! Thanks Oldgirl for asking Phil to tell the wondrous tale. I'm new on the site but just finished W7R2 tonight. It's been the first athletic anything in 63 years for me. Yikes! You are making wonder where it might lead. Congratulations for (1) achieving your goals, and (2) keeping us up-to-date on your successes, for without your postings we'd miss an amazing inspiration. Thanks!!

  • Thanks, I'm sure where ever it takes you the journey will be enjoyable

  • Well done Phil. An inspiration to us all.

    Flicked through a copy of The Runner's World Marathon Guide in W H Smith the other day but that's as close as I'm likely to get!

  • Your 75% there, you just need to book an event now, honest :-o

  • Wow that's brilliant news! Well done and I'm sure you'll smash it!!

    I'd love to be able to do a HM never mind a full one, so I'm in awe!

  • Cheers, you've started the journey, congratulations on the 5k race, a few more then 10k.?

  • I hope so! I just keep thinking one step at a time, but hopefully I'll be posting about a 10k in the not too distant future!

    I also agree with having something booked, it really helps motivate me on the runs!

    Good luck with the training!

  • Excellent news. Looking at how far you've come and the times you've been posting I'm completely confident you'll be fine. Look forward to hearing about the August HM and then progress towards the Full Monty!

  • Thanks, think HM should be okay as I've done a couple in training, but we will have to see how the full monty training comes on!

  • Good on ya, Phill. You've consistently run hard and steady for a while now and put in the hours with a variety of runs. t I know you'll relish tackling a new training programme for this. All the best. :-)

  • Thanks Sheila, I will definately need to learn the art of the recovery run, must slow down a little :-)

  • Excellent news Phil! Brilliant! What a journey you have made and are continuing. Definitely one of my heroes. I'll be out there pumping for you, Delia xox

  • Thanks Delia, I never imagined this a little over a year ago

  • Excellent stuff Phil! Good luck.

  • Thank you

  • Good for you Phil! Think it's fantastic. I need to set myself a goal, I'm a bit stuck at 30 mins - not even 5k. Maybe I should book a 10k to motivate myself. Looking forward to reading all about your training. Good luck.

    Viki :-)

  • definitely helps, you could just set a personal target of 7.5 see how you get on then set another target. Good luck

  • I like the idea of smaller steps. 10k seems a long way. Have downloaded a podcast but think I'll see if I can work my way up. Thanks for the advice.

  • Phil, just get a good feeling................ this is what you need to do for you. it will be great achievement.

  • Thanks...It will definately be an interesting journey!

  • Fantastic! Good on you!! I have entered the ballot for London (April 2014) and kinda hoping I am unsuccessful!!!! To keep me going have signed up for a half in March (Hastings).. Need t get training again as have been struggling for last few months and now have dodgy knee :(

    Keep us posted on your progress :)

  • Sorry to hear about your dodgy knee. Just think if you get through the ballot :-) fate will have decided :-o Hastings sounds like a nice half though.

  • That's great Phil. Your progress is an inspiration to us, and your advice is very helpful. Let us know how the training goes.

  • Thanks Aftab, will definitely blog as I go along

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