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Shoes question

About to move into week 6, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this... Whilst running, my energy levels are generally good, but my legs sometimes start to ache a bit after 5 mins or so. I guess its just the constant pounding on the pavement - wondered if anyone had simply found that getting better running shoes helped this.

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Good running shoes are important when doing longer distances and times and will also help prevent injury if you have the correct fit for your feet. However in the early days of running I would say at least 80% of new runners experience achy legs its only natural. What I found helped was mixing up the surfaces, where there was a grass verge I used it and then back onto the tar/concrete pavement, also forest track. If you get the chance give it a try, you could also try fitting gel insoles into your trainers which may help cushion the impact. Lidl have quite good insoles this week for sales, I've not used them but my hubby has for walking and loves them.


I had similar at about 4 weeks (but I am very overweight so legs were getting a pounding!) My trainers at that point were very old and not running ones, so I decided that I would go and get a new pair of running trainers. I got a pair of acics from their outlet store, so much cheaper but they still made me do lots of things to fit me with the right shoes .. after that I didn't look back, and my legs never had the same pain again ... the only problem I had was on my first run in them I did them up too tight and ended up with my feet going numb!!!

Good luck and happy running :)


Week6 is around the point where you really do notice the discomfort as you settle into a run & I think it's because you are starting to do durations of longer than 5mins.

Without doubt I would get yourself a decent pair of shoes - they can be costly but they are worth it. Plus the risk of picking up an injury on these longer runs is much higher if you are wearing poorly fitted shoes which don't support your stride.

Also, on every run I have done - it still takes me 10 minutes to settle into it, and I'm constantly thinking of those aches, them twinges, ouch ooohh .... but then after 10 mins, I don't know what happens, but they are gone and I finally feel I can get on with the rest of the run.


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