New Shoes question

Hello everybody

I've taken possession of some Brooks Adrenalines and have done two 3K runs in them. Does it take a wee while to adjust to new shoes? Reason for asking is my legs feel stiff and a bit painful. They didn't in my old (crap/rubbish) shoes. Maybe my body is getting used to running properly?!

Your answers are most welcome, either here or on a postcard.



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13 Replies

  • The answer to that is yes , well it did for me anyway . Because think about it if you where running in well worn shoes before , & now you have got brand spanking new ones won't you be running slightly different . I was the same but , you will find your legs will get used to them . I've got those ones by the way .

  • Ah, thank you rockette. Having the same shoes means great minds think alike eh?!!

  • So many parameters DTG... It might be shoes . It might not. Get them checked, but refocus your mind away from the pain and it will soon be apparent if its the shoes or if its your body being naughty!!!

  • Thanks juju. When you say get them checked, what does that mean exactly? These are the babies I bought after analysing my gait and they certainly seemed right for my landing and take off (so to speak).

  • You have your answer then... Your legs are being naughty... No stiffness allowed. Tell them!!!

  • YES M'AAM!!

  • I posted almost an identical post about my new Brooks back in August! They caused me to quit mid run for the first time ever! They caused a lot of pain in my calves and I was boarding on getting them checked out - then I went out in my old trainers and my shin splints instantly flared up again. I took it easy for a week or so and settled into them - they are now amazing. Perhaps lower your mileage or pace for a few runs and wear them in. It worked for me. If not - get them checked out - but I posted almost word for word what you have four months ago - wouldn't be without them now.

  • Hey feefbev I remember that post well! Oddly I had it in mind when I posted my question only I couldn't quite remember whose post it was that I'd read! And it's YOU! Ha! Thank you. I have in fact lowered my distance for a time until I get used to them. Fingers crossed!

  • You couldn't remember it was me? Insulted! Only joking - hope you get on ok with them

  • Hi Danzargo

    You're probably in pain because you don't really need all the cushioning and support which you weren't getting in your old trainers and your feet are perfectly capable of doing what they are built for, we've just weakened them over the years from wearing cushioned supported footwear.

    Your legs/feet are being forced to land in a way they wouldn't naturally land on the ground.

    I've ran for two years in minimalist shoes now, the odd small run totally barefoot and sometimes in my luna sandals, and I could get out and run everyday if I wanted to...I no longer suffer from aching thighs and shin splints, I land on my midfoot with no support or cushioning in my shoes and it's the best running I've ever done. It's just so much more natural and it's the way we were meant to run. We didn't start wearing cushioned trainers till the 70's when I guy from Nike (Bowerman I think?) decided we need cushioning to land on...which is so not the case....honest :)

  • Brooks Adrenalines are support shoes for runners who overpronate (roll) so your footfall in theory should now start to be corrected, the downside is that this new footfall could make you feel like a new runner again, as your muscles will be slightly stretch in a different way and new areas of your foot will now be taking more impact.

  • Thanks olsbean. Appreciate your post. I have just read your incredible story on your profile and how this program has made such an impact on your life. Godspeed to you my friend. You're an inspiration to all of us.

  • Thank you for the kind words. I purchased some Brooks on Saturday, after having Nike Lunarglides for a year and I must say I am loving them so far, I did 5k yesterday and I've just finished a longer hour run this morning and they are noticeably more comfortable than my old trainers, but then again my old trainers were very very worn!

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