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Run 1 Week 8. Changed route - got bored with tarmac!

W8R1 this morning. At the start of week 7 Laura suggested changing the route to avoid getting bored. I decided to go back to my original route which was fine at first with lovely shade. The route then becomes a flood defence mound with steep sides, one side into the river and the other into a barbed wire fence. Trouble was the grasses and thistles completely obscured the path and it was impossible to see my footing. The health and safety elfins told me to give up on it and I changed path again, this time through a field of sheep. That was perfect, neat grass, nice and springy. Across the field and on to main road and running on a tarmac footpath. Found out I really don't like tarmac - makes my calf muscles ache. Wish I'd stuck to my familiar run, which I do like and am not bored with. Lesson learnt - appreciate what you've got. (When my children were small 'bored' was a banned word!)

When I finished - which was challenging for me! I did my stretching and never had this before but for calf stretches my stretched leg kept trembling and giving involuntary jerks. Weird!

So, how do I rate that for a run. Difficult, I know tarmac is rubbish and hard, absolutely shattered, achey and wish I felt excitement like so many of you describe. Still, it was a run and one nearer to graduating!

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That is so similar to mine - when Laura said "change your route" so I did and it was one of my worst ever runs. Nettles, thistles, I couldn't get used to running off tarmac... gave it up as a bad job after 20 mins, just couldn't be bothered to complete it.

So I decided to blame Laura and her stupid blooming advice - what did she know anyway - and I had a right old rant at her during my cool down - I was definitely eating both chips, one on each shoulder.

It was then I decided to do all of the remaining runs on my old faithful route which I have grown to love. (and apologised to Laura on the very next run for swearing at her)!!

Looking back it was just lack of experience at the time, and you do learn to adjust. But I found that during the program any slight issue becomes a major "I can't do this any more" kind of drama.

But it's so good to see that you are so close to graduating now - just 5 more and you will have done it.

Keep Going & Happy Running


Yes, stick with what you like Beek-I'll bet you find R2 a breeze when you get back out on your familiar route.It is frustrating when the run doesn't go to plan and its easy to get back and feel a bit ' cheated' when you don't feel the high you were expecting,especially when it's down to the circumstances rather than your own ability ,I think.

I'm a creature of habit and have stuck to the same route each time,a mixture of chalk path and a bit of tarmac'd lane,but was annoyed to have my route blocked by fallen trees after severe storms last week and as I didn't want to interrupt my run I had to just keep jogging up and down the same clear stretch until it was time for the cool down walk.Got home feeling frustrated and cross,as if I hadn't truly completed the run,even though I had.

I think Matthew W gets it spot on in his reply to you...maybe we need to learn not to make a drama out of a crisis ! I suppose if all our runs were perfect we'd be totally floored and demoralised when something does go wrong.

Lots of luck for your next run(s)'ve got graduation within sight now.Go for it !!!!


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