Where is the old gang?

Where is the old gang?

There used to be a regular gang who posted, and I'd say were the mainstay of the forum. Mostly, but not exclusively, those who did the 5X50 Challenge.

But that was before the make-over that upset so many. I thought everyone would start posting again once the glitches were fixed. But having been 'sitting on the sidelines' for many weeks, that doesn't seem to have happened.

So where are you? Given up and gone elsewhere? Just given up? Just reading and not posting? I miss the banter so much. My life has lost all meaning and I'm thinking of contacting the Samaritans!

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  • Hi Malcy

    I don't think I qualify as a mainstay but as a 5x50er who really enjoyed that period of time on here, I miss it too. I think the hot weather and the summer may have taken a few people out for a while (like me). I need a forum kick up the backside now to get my running back on track. Hoping some of the others like Sue and TJ and Greenlegs will chime in soon. Wish there was an autumn 5x50 going on. What are you up to at the moment?

  • I'm here, reading and posting occasionally. My running frequency has really suffered over the past few months since I started cycle commuting to my summer seasonal job.There is no way I can run on the days I cycle 30 miles round trip. I've been managing long, slow runs on my days off, and once a week tempo runs, but have done no speed intervals at all for months. It's been far too warm for me to run fast.

    I have a 10K race coming up in a couple of weeks, but as I've not been following a training schedule I'll struggle to get a good time. I'm looking forward to faster runs in the colder months!

  • Hi swanscot! I think the 30mile cycle constitutes a good bit of training. Good luck for the 10K!

  • Good to see you Malcy I was wondering where you were.. I'm not one of the gang but thought I'd reply as its nice to see you back!!!

  • I wondered what had happened to you Malcy! Was thinking of you in you new venture as the University term is restarting (husband teaches, 2nd son just starting).

    I still look at the site regularly but don't post as much because the new site seems harder to engage with. I'm pleased to see lots of new people joining the programme and posting but less from the old hands.

    One thought, particularly as we go into shorter days, is maybe we need a new challenge to focus exercise activity and hence re-invigorate posting. We had some ideas after 5x50 like could we circle the earth in distance.

    We do have a few of us on Facebook who post on there occasionally and there may be old emails with the 5x50 list if we want to get more views from "the old gang".

  • Hiya Wilma !

  • Hi Delia!

  • I seem to remember a particularly good post from you Macy berating the new site design. Welcome back !

  • I'm not as established as you guys and am not a 5x50 , but used to enjoy the posts and advice from you guys. I think it is the site changes, if you can't see all posts you can't respond. After a while not getting replies to your own "hidden" posts gets frustrating. I still come on here but don't post my doings as often.

  • Hello Malcy, I think as you've said the site makeover has probably played a part, having the blog categories split helped, just my personal observation but now it's all together the more communal posts/blogs get buried more quickly. I'm not complaining at all, at the end of the day the aim of this community is the C25K program and supporting people through it and that's has to be the priority.

    Maybe a separate running/C25K+ community would work but then the danger there you could lose members with it being fragmented.

  • Hi Malcy, I also wondered where you were! I agree many of the old timers (in running experience rather than age ;) ) seem to have gone quiet post 5x50. I stopped posting after 5x50 for about 3 months, but then signed up from a HM and so have been back on here a lot more to record my progress as part of my training.

    It's great to see so many new people taking up the programme though! :)

  • Well, not as a mainstay but as a pompom-waver :D there are a couple of reasons I'm not posting as much. One of course was the forum re-design. I'm now also struggling with **** yahoo who have decided to change the way I can view my mail, and quite frankly it's just hard work. Another couple of reasons - one is that I feel a bit inadequate, to tell you the truth! I'm plodding on with running when I can, mostly a couple of times a week, one of 5k or thereabouts and one of supposedly faster times, but there are so many people on here who are training for HMs or delivering Parkrun PBs of under 30 mins that I tend to keep quiet! And a very minor observation: we all used to respond to replies individually, so when you commented on someone's post they wrote back to you. Quite a few people now just do a blanket response, and unless I go back in and look at that post again I don't see this, so it's as if my congratulatory/sympathetic/encouraging email has dropped into a big silent void. (Dear me, I sound like a BOF :O !)

    Anyway, it's lovely to see you on here again, Malcy, and everyone else who has responded. Roll on 5x50 2014!

  • Love from me too Annie xox

  • Hi Delia, nice to see you again! Xxxx

  • Hi Annie, Hope you see my pom poms reply. I am already having issues trying to comment!!!!! Argh

  • Hi Tish, I did see it but I know what you mean - the comments don't go at all where you hope they might!

  • Hi Delia!

  • Hello Tish!

  • Hi Annie, also there are still bugs on the site. I reported that when someone responds to some posts it goes to the main poster (Hi Malcy) but you don't get to know I've responded to you.

    On the other points you raise, I think you should celebrate what you're achieving, running is a personal journey not to be benchmarked against others. So I wave my Pom Poms at your twice a week outings and say...great that you're still getting out there and haven't gone back to the sofa... :D

  • Yeah Phil how right you are, Anniemurph you come and shout from the rooftops about your running, its not the fast times that encourage new runners its those who help and support that matter and you are one of those runners. Nice to see you and Malcy, Phil and Swanscot again, I was beginning to feel as if I had BO or something ;)

  • Hi Oldgirl!

  • Hi RunningWild :-)

  • Hi Oldgirl!

  • I bought new sofas but I'm not sitting on them! You're right, it is just about my running, but y'know...

  • Annie, my favourite pom-pom waver ever (and crucial for keeping us going in that last week) please don't suggest that what you're doing isn't enough - it's a lot more than me at the moment! It's over a week since I ran a 5k, and that was a big effort - since then 5 minutes in one go is my best. Other bits of life have taken over a bit for a while, but I'm still here.

  • HI Greenlegs! Thought of you today as I made it up my local big hill - slow and steady, ha ha! Glad to see you're still around! :-)

  • Ha ha! I'm still good at the slow, but the steady is a bit wobbly. :D

  • Hey Poppy! Great to see you!

  • Hi greenlegs! Sorry for the delay in responding but I spent the last 32 hours travelling and access on my phone is spotty to say the least! Lovely to see you here again - keep plodding on, like me :)

  • Hi Greeners! X

  • I totally understand the "y'know" we are our own worst critics sometimes :-)

  • Hi Phil, Yes I am experiencing those bugs right now!

  • Hi Annie, lovely to see you (and so many others who graduated last year) posting. Please don't feel inadequate, we have only ourselves to compete with, but having said that I know very much how you feel - I've been struggling too and feeling a bit down about the fitness I've lost post injury (if I blogged it would just be one long boring whinge at the moment so I'm waiting for happier stuff). Coming on here can be a bit mixed can't it? On the one hand feeling happy at others progress (which is often stunning) on the other it's inevitable to compare ourselves.... Which we really shouldn't... ;-)

  • Sorry about the delay, I've been travelling. Great to see you again too! I really hope things improve for you - sorry that you've been out because of injury etc. I hope you're on the mend. It's funny, this comparison business, isn't it - why do we still do it? :O Take care x

  • > And a very minor observation: we all used to respond to replies

    > individually, so when you commented on someone's post they wrote

    > back to you. Quite a few people now just do a blanket response, and

    > unless I go back in and look at that post again I don't see this,

    Oh dear, I'm guilty of doing a blanket response. My excuse is/was I didn't like to clog up the 'Latest Activity' page with numerous replies to one post. But I see your point and it's a perfectly valid one, since I too rely on getting the email to tell me someone has responded to my post.

  • Hi swanscot - yes, the latest activity page is a blessing and a bit of a curse at the same time!

  • I know others have reassured you but I 100% understand how you feel about all these people that seem to be making enormous strides. I'm just about at a year now and so torn between being completely amazed am still going and feeling I should have got further. Not sure everyone is made to go fast or do great distances. I actually did an hour yesterday for the first time in a couple of months (now it has cooled down a bit!) - and was completely exhausted for the rest of the day. 5k in 30 mins will never happen. It is reassuring to me to know am not alone with this. Let's pat ourselves on the back for still going. Linda

  • Hello there AncientR. good yo see you, xox delia

  • Hi Linda, how nice to hear from you! A whole hour running is amazing- I certainly couldn't do that, so well done for that effort, even though it was exhausting! You must feel very pleased :) And you're absolutely right, we are still going and that's very much worth some back-patting!

  • Be proud of everything you are doing Annie, you are a superstar and our best pom pom waver! :) Looking forward to you joining the team for real in 2014!

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue, sorry for the delay in responding but I've been travelling. Great to hear from you :) I'm looking forward to running with pompoms in 5x50 2014 :D x

  • :)

  • Hi Annie! I miss those pom poms!

  • Hey, good to see you again! Do you think I can do the 5x50 while waving pompoms next year? :D

  • Good to see you're back and you're belting along in that parkrun there Malcy - especially infront of all those other younger runners too.... didn't I see a 24:30 from you the other weekend?

    I guess as some people come and some go, some familiar faces drop off and new faces appear..... one thing I realised was the forum is really really good for C25k newbies and graduates, but once you get past a certain level, there is not much on here to keep people interested & I know I've not been posting as much as I did in the past..... mind you I've not been running all that much either!

    On the upside - I'm sure the team count the 2014 5x50 will be into the hundreds - and then we will need that new MalcyMeter site.

  • Malcy my dear friend! The Samaritans? Hold your horses! We are still around and running :-)

    I really miss the gang too, and I don't do FB, where I believe many hang out. Some of us post now and then but, the new site is, let's say, less conducive to the kind of rapport we had built up. That (silly) news feed thing is beyond me, and I only realized you had posted because someone had answered you. Funny but Sue -- who I am meeting in person in London on Monday -- was asking about you too (via e-mail). I do hope she sees this, but if she doesn't I'll tell her.

    Lots and lots of newbies around on the site, which is great, but I really, really miss the banter :-(

  • ooh you and Sue are meeting up?! That's really lovely Delia :)

  • Yes, in Bloomsbury of all places!

  • How exciting to meet for real :D

  • Sooner or later I'll be up you way Phil, no escaping Delia :-D

  • I hope you'll be doing a full UK C25K meet up tour at some point... :)

  • As soon as Malcy finds the time, energy and generosity to set up some kind of dedicated cyberspace (The Old Gang could be a good title), I'm sure we can get our act together!

  • Have a great time with Sue. Are you still planning a trip to Edinburgh in Novembet? I' d like to meet you if you are about.

  • Of course, I'll be giving a talk there on the 14th and I'll also be meeting up with Malcy. uper dooper, if you can come too!

  • What, you mean all these people actually exist in real non-virtual life? WOW. :D Have a great time!

  • Hey there, long time no see :-)

  • :)

  • Nice to see you greeners :)

  • And you too! This is like an old school reunion, but much nicer!

  • I'd love to join you and Malcy at the Edinbra' mini NHS C25K meet up.

  • Excellent! I'm staing at the Edinburgh City Hotel

    13th - 16th November. We have plenty of time to make arrangements :-)

  • Count me in too for an Edinburgh meet up.

  • Way hay!

  • I work in Embra too. If I can do I will do :-)

  • :-)

  • Just noticed 16th is a Saturday - Parkrun meet up maybe?

  • That's the day I fly back to Italy :-(

  • Seen it Delia! Great to hear from the God of Hell Fire isn't it?! ;) x

  • Hi Sue!

  • Hello Running wild!

  • Susie!! Good to hear from you! :) Didnt get an email prompt so thats why I'm only just responding......however, did notice that all my email preferences had been wiped so have set them up again and hopefully will now be kept up to date with daily posts and replies.....until the next bug!!

    Hope you are well you gazelle you!! ;)


  • You too! yes did get email prompt, but still bit confused about how the site is working! However the Malcy magic worked bringing everyone out again :) :)

    Gazelle? It's wishful thinking, but positive!!!


  • He has triggered off an amazing reply. But then we were quite a "gang" -- I hope he can manage to create some system to bring us back together properly!

  • Hear hear!

  • Not only, but the Whole thing seems to be snowballing -- in a good way -- as people start realizing we exist in real life. Maybe someone will write a novel about this! You know, how paths cross from cyberspace to real life :-)

  • Hi Malky

    I'm only an occasional poster but fairly regular lurker, just looking to be helpful and also looking to see if there are any fashion/gadget tips I can learn from :-)

    I've kept up the running ... almost every day but the mornings are really getting dark now

    btw I noticed you posted a very impressive Park Run time at the weekend. Well done!

  • Firstly hello and great that you haven't disappeared, oldgirl was asking after you in a post the other day and I said I thought you would make a return.

    Totally agree with all the above comments, I dipped out for a while but am reading a little more and a few responses, but blog far less often than before.

  • Huh when the new site was created it caused a load of problems, you say you dipped out for a while Phil, I couldn't dip in, it was a nightmare. But we runners are made of sterner stuff and rise above all adversity thrown at us :) Even steep hills :)

  • I couldn't access the site at all for a month with my android phone (which is what I use mostly these days), all I got was a blank page. I'm guessing this may have put some users off permanently.

  • I'm definitely not one of the old gang, not even graduated yet but I would miss the advice & the wisdom of you more experienced runners. Please don't give up on us - we need you for advice, inspiration & ideas on the next goal for which to aim.

  • How sweet of you to say so Waletta. The old gang were (often unknowlingly) supportive at a very bad moment in time for me. And for me, it is so odd without them!

  • It works both ways Delia my lovely xx

  • I hope you find a way of bringing them back then. I have seen greenlegs on the site & of course, Oldgirl & Oldned & have found them a great help. Hope you all stay with the site. You can take us new ones under your wing.

  • Hello you, that is Malcy, where have you been hiding, Phil is quite right i was asking if anyone had seen or heard from you, i thought perhaps you had got to the top of one of our wonderful munroe's and just kept on going:) Greenlegs has had a very busy summer with her camera, she's some clever photographer, award winning stuff. So i think i would be right in saying her running has not stopped but slowed down long enough to catch the moment on film!

    Good to have you back Malcy no more AWL young man, we missed you. ;)

  • Awwww - oldgirl that's too kind. I'm sitting in a lovely glow now! Funnily enough, I was in the middle of playing with photos when I happened to notice Malcy's name at the top of today's update email - I've just got an imac and it has this amazingly whizzy iphoto thing, which makes finding people's faces very easy. So I now have many of the 5x50 team labelled in my iPhoto store. Hmm. Maybe that's a bit creepy. Mostly by c25k nicknames, but I found I could remember real names for several people, after all the fun and excitement of 5x50. I've also just been looking through photos of a visit to Edinburgh nine years ago, and that reminded me of the Scottish contingent... Happy days...

  • I always look forward to seeing an email from you with more photo delights, keep them coming greenlegs, they are wonderful.

  • Hi Malcy,

    I'm starting to get back on track now too after having whooping cough for 3 months. I decided to do a longer run today at my own pace to see how I managed. I was over the moon at achieving 7.6km. I stopped then as didn't want to push it too much and risk injury. It took me 55 minutes so not a great time but glad I can now run some distance without coughing. I miss the format of the old site too but onwards and upwards as they say :)

  • Goodness - that sounds impressive after whooping cough!

  • Hi Malcy

    I'm not one of the 5x50ers but I loved reading all the regulars (great to see so many back today!) and I've missed you on here. I haven't been about too much recently due to a combination of school hols, the new site, not running so much so not having much to say and computer collapse! But it's September which always feels like a good time to get back into a routine. I look forward to hearing about the next challenge even if I only cheer you on from the sidelines. :-)

  • New computer here has interfered a bit too. Having to dig out passwords for everything, when I'd got used to the computer remembering them for me has been a bit tedious. Still, most are fixed now, so that excuse has gone!

  • Hi all *waving*.

    I miss getting the Health Unlocked emails in the morning. By the afternoons I'm usually on my phone instead so it's not so easy to post.

    I'm still running three times a week but still sticking to the C25K+ podcasts and not extending my runs to longer ones. I think at my age running at all is quite something!

    I'm looking forward to the challenge of the next 5x50 - I've had to buy myself a Fitbit as an incentive to clock up the mileage!

  • Good to hear from you Linda and glad you are still running! I cant believe we are entering the dark, cold autumn and winter period of running....again!! Such seasoned runners arent we?! ;) Looking forward to March too!

    Sue xx

  • Hello there!

  • Hi Malcy - and everyone else old & new. Are you still running the GNR this Sunday? Hope you'll keep us updated, Mo had better watch out.... ;-)

  • Hi Y'All

    WOW - I'm truly amazed at the response. So much so that I've climbed down from the roof and called the Samaritans to tell them I'm no longer at risk! So many great bits of news and good points made. Thanks so much for all your good wishes and positive comments.

    I'm sitting at my desk at MMC Interactive World Headquarters right now. This is the little venture I started with my daughter. We're approaching the end of our first week ... and already our schedule is running a week late! I've been on my roof most of today plugging all the leaks before the bad weather arrives - so now I have to work late to make up for it. All this stuff about being your own boss ... it hasn't changed anything.

    With not much time to write, I'll keep it short. But I'll come back with a longer piece tomorrow - you know how I love writing longer pieces. Essentially, I'm still running, still doing the Great North on Sunday but my training schedule kind of fell behind when I finally left my job at the university on 31 July and demolished my dining room to build MMC Interactive World Headquarters. (you'll understand that it's a VERY small World HQ!). But we went on our family holiday and I did some grand runs in Belgium and Holland, including a 17k one outside Amsterdam. Since we got back, I haven't been so good. Just a few 5/6k outings and now a bit worried about the big one this weekend. I'm sure it'll be OK ...

    Looking around the C25K forum, I can see great things. The Pink Panther - or rather the Black Panther? Mrs Juicy. What a gal! Have you seen the runs that she and son Leon(?) have been doing? Absolutely stunning. And Aftabs (hope I got that right) is also a stunning performer. There are lots of new names appearing and many of them doing great things, so the C25K programme is still working its magic!

    I guess for many of "the old gang" it went wrong at the end of 5X50 - the anti-climax after those amazing final few days. The "what the heck do we do now". The "Thank goodness ... now I can have a rest". The question is what we can do about it now. Start the build up to 5X50 2014? It's a bit early for that. Maybe pick up the "running round the world" idea? Maybe. 5X50 was meant to turn into set the 5k per day regime as a standard part of our lives. That was probably a bit optimistic, but I just think it's such a shame that we've lost the momentum.


  • I loved doing the 5x50 and felt a bit lost without it. So much so that I signed up for the Juneathon - and had to give up on it after just a few days. My body needed a rest ! I still feel I benefited from it and I've seen improvements in my running since then and will almost certainly sign up again next year. Then the change in the site put me off, to be honest. It's lovely to see all the familiar names again :-)

  • Hello there, great to see you Sue

  • Great to see so many 'old' names back! I'm not much of one for posting but graduated last year with some of you so I'm familiar with you all and really appreciate the support you all give. Whatever happened to Legion? I used to enjoy her posts as well.

  • I haven't posted for months! I recognise a few names ;)

    I'm still running. I really suffered with hayfever over the summer and barely managed to wheeze my way through 1k most days- but I didn't give up and I even got a new 5k PB; 29.43, I did it!! (with the aid of some industrial-strength antihistamines and a low-ish pollen count)

    I don't know if any of you remember my desire for a 4 legged running pal, but we're going to meet a collie cross at a local rescue this weekend. Fingers crossed we'll be hitting the trails soon!

    I am definitely going to have to start posting again.

  • Be assured that any 4 legged friend with collie in it will keep you running for ever and a day, won't get lost either, they always find their way home ;)

  • Well done Jessica on your PB, thats fantastic!! A getting a canine running pal will be soooo lovely too :) You should link up with Souki as she ran a 10k with her dog last weekend and is part of a canine running group.

    I think this has been the boot up the bum for a lot of us to start posting again!

    Sue x

  • We got the collie cross pup! She's adorable. We've named her Mojo :D

  • Hi Malcy and the gang, lovely to hear from you all. I'm still running but can't get on here on the laptop and find it really hard work on my piddling little IPhone screen so tend not to bother too much. I do keep trying everytime I'm on the laptop but still get the same stupid 'oops' message. It's a real shame because I virtually lived on here since starting running. Hope to get connected soon x

  • I had the same problem and could not get a connection using Internet Explorer, in the end I downloaded Google Chrome which I use to get signed on here but still have IE for all my other web use. Don't know if this will help, I hope so as its very frustrating.

  • Oh, it's good to see so many old names back again. I've not posted much as the running has dropped off rather, and I've not had time to be on the site every day like I used to (I was a bit addicted, I think!) but it really is lovely to catch up with what everyone is up to.

    Anyway, for all that, even if I'm not running much, I still can do it, which I still find hard to believe!

  • I guess I'm another that could be classed as one of 'the old gang'. I do still lurk hereabouts, but after disappearing for a few months, I came back to see it had all changed to a new-fangled layout (I don't like change!)

    I'd love to say I'm still a regular runner, but I'm actually having to start the whole c25k thing again shortly. Still, at least it means I get to go through all that fun again :)

  • Another C25K and another 5x50 - double, triple the fun! ;)


  • Long time no see! Hello!

  • Hi Greenlegs! Hope you have done a better job than me of keeping up with the running :)

    Actually, I've just remembered why I stopped using this site, since the update, it keeps freezing on my laptop.

  • Malcy now you opened the Pandora's box and all you old crew have popped back out, then there is no excuse not too keep up the banter there folks.

    There are loads of oldies still viewing and not posting I think.

    But there is loads of lovely new characters too who all want to be involved.

  • Hiya burst -- absolutely, JiucyJu and Danzargo are especially "banterish" and many more too -- The more the merrier!

  • Great to hear from so many old friends and to get views from newbies.

    All this talk of 5x50 reminded me that I did a Google map of the locations of the group which I actually managed to find on this site again. For old time's sake, here it is again:


  • Hi Malcy! Glad to see you're back and conquering the world from your rooftop at your HQ! I really miss the old banter and updates, so was lovely to see the old crowd replying here!

    I have been keeping up the running myself doing 3 runs a week; and am looking forward to the next 5x50 as it's hard to motivate myself everyday (and the heat definitely put me off other activities some days!) Even today I left the house in running gear via the Post Office in lovely cool grey cloud; by the time the parcel was sorted the sun was beaming and my for my run it was SO hot! Still, got it done, 6.62Km ; I'm trying to keep ahead of daughter who is a couple of weeks post grad and will soon find the speed and stamina to leave me behind :-(

    Hope everyone keeps posting now! :-)

  • I'm loving this thread. Great to hear from everyone. Been missing you and your posts. Thanks Malcy for bringing everyone together again! Hoping to hear more of everyone's exploits.

    Run well,

    Viki :-)

  • hello Vicki!

  • Hi Viki!

    Sue x

  • We are still here, lurking in the wings, waiting patiently fot this site to recover. Seems the recovery is on the way. Good luck on the Great north run. Can't wait to see your report.

    Glad you are still about. Thank s for the samaritons.

  • Hi Malcy ... And everyone else too! Where've you all been? Hope all's well, fit and healthy! Lovely to see familiar names from months ago - many of my inspirational gurus from my first few days/weeks from Feb onwards!

    I've had a summer of lousy Internet service provider, couldnt keep up with all the changes to the forum's format, mislaid my running mojo temporarily when asked to work extra days (so much for retirement, eh?), found the summer heat and lack of air impossible to run in .... so the cycle of falling apart started. I have, in fact, continued to run about 3 times a week but I've not often completed 5k - just ran for about 30 minutes to maintain a semblance of fitness. (I figured that whatever I did was better than the nothingness of pre-Feb days!)

    Anyway, one way and another I survived to mid August before heading down to the L'Herault/Haut Languedoc region of France for a holiday. Before heading off I put my name in the ring for the next 5x50 (2014)! I am determined to get back into shape! I took my running gear and Garmin watch on hols. I found some lovely routes and have run most days and walked miles too. No wifi at all in my holiday home or village :(

    I did receive a few e-mails from HU on my dumb phone - couldn't follow the leads though as no web connectivity :(

    Returned midnight yesterday/today.

    Still not convinced about the changes made here and definitely miss the previous feedbacks and ability to track threads .... But now I'm back in autumnal, damp England, I'll try and get online more often and see how things are going - after all, have to be ready, fit and able for my first 5x50 next spring!

    Love to all 'old friends', Linda x

  • Hello Linda xox

  • Good to hear you are still running Linda - doesnt matter how far or fast but you are out running which is great! Lots seem to be working towards the 2014 5x50 so we should have another great team!

    Sue x

  • Greetings :D - isn't it great how Malcy has woken everybody up over the last couple of days! Yes, I'm determined to get myself fully in the swing of things for 2014's 5x50. Sooooo looking forward! X

  • Good to hear your news. You have been missed. Looked you up on the A-Z list yesterday to see if I had been missing posts. Good luck with the Great North Run - a great one to be doing. Linda

  • did I miss the reunion? :-( Lovely to see so many people who helped me through the bad bits. Coincidentally, I just recommended the programme to someone at work today.

    Still barely running - first time yesterday, since my 15 minute run and new goals blog a few weeks back, as more back/neck problems in the meantime, plus holidays, work, etc. However, I did a 30 minute run yesterday (ache a bit today, as ran some hills) and did some yoga after, so feeling confident about running my 5K on Saturday followed by 45 minutes flow yoga, especially now I know they are giving us prosecco shots at the start and a full glass at the end, plus brunch :-D

    Great to see people meeting in real life too, glad everyone is ok.

    Vix xx

  • Lovely to see you Viv xox delia

  • thanks, likewise! How long are you in UK for?

  • Monday to Wednesday. Working all day Tuesday so if you consider I'm travelling the other two days, not long :-(

  • great to see you Vixi!

  • :-)

  • Vix! Great to hear from you! :)

    Sue x

  • Hey Malcolm I'm here!!! Great to hear from you and all the old gang too; amazing how your blog, ooops sorry, post, has brought everyone together again; luv it! :)

    Same as the others really, just not drawn to this site like before but yes a fair number of us keep in touch on FB so not completely lost touch.....and yes, meeting up with Delia on Monday which will be great. Wish we could all meet up for a real, that would be awesome!

    I'm still running regularly though out of action at the moment with a hamstring injury :( Did my first 10k race last Saturday and got my first medal despite it being slow and painful with the leg pain but feeling proud and re-energised to get out there and improve.

    We do need to get a team together on here to just work towards something for the autumn and winter before the challenge in March as it was so encouraging to everyone; maybe we need to put our heads together.....

    It's been a joy to read the comments from everyone; WE STILL ROCK GANG!!!!

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue. A few people have mentioned FB. Are you just individually friends with each other, or is there a group on there (or is it on the 5x50 site)? Great to hear from you and the others. Tati x

  • Folk are individually friends but there is also a C25kers Parkrun group.

  • Thanks Wilmacgh. Will have a look.

  • No we havent set up a group but as Wilma says there is the Parkrun group. If you want to be an individual friend just message me with your name and we will see if we can link up or of course join the Parkrun group! It is great to still be in contact with the gang and there is still lots of encouragement to be had via FB!

    Sue x

  • ohhhh, I didn't know about that, have asked to join :-)

  • Sorry, have only just seen your request - I've added you now :-)

  • hey no worries, I had a busy weekend at the Gloanna event (5K followed by 45 minutes of flow yoga and a reasonable amount of prosecco :-D )

  • 73 replies so far... :D Isn't it lovely? Your presence has been missed Malcy - just look what you've done here!

  • Hi greenlegs!

  • :) hi!

  • Hi Malcy - so glad you posted and so many of the 'old' 5x50ers' plus cheerleaders responded. It's been great to read about what you've all been doing.

    I've been plodding along. Like Sue I did my first 10k race last weekend - only the second time I've ever run that far! And I've joined a running club which I hope will keep me going thru' the cold, dark winter months. I've rashly committed to doing a half marathon next year - yikes how did that happen? Def need some help from the gang to help get me thru' the training.

    I like Sue's idea of a challenge to keep us motivated over the coming months, a sort of pre 5x50 would be good.


  • Well done on the 10k Jennie, great feeling isnt it?! :) Ooooh and a running club and HM too - fantastic!

    We do really need to come up with an idea to keep us all going towards our new goals and throughout winter....thinking caps on!

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue, and well done to you too! Wasn't it great crossing that finish line. Can still hardly believe it. Would be great if we can do something over the winter months. Malcy's post reminded me what a great forum this is and what a great bunch of people, new & old, that contribute to it.

  • Hi Malcy and I'm still here as well, not one of the 5x50 club but lovely to see so many familiar names! I was wondering where everyone had gone! I wondered what happened to Gail over in Texas and her hubby Steve btw?

    Susie :)

    Oh look I'm a gazelle... ;) (One can dream)!!!!

  • I'd love to know how Gayle and Steve are doing to...They were so lovely and Steve was one of the first to welcome me on this forum almost a year ago!

  • *Gayle*, thought I'd mispelt it! yes they were so encouraging...

  • Hello Malcy,

    I was not part of the 5X50 runners as I had taken a leave of absence from the site as I was not running regularly at all (sheer laziness), though I like to consider myself an old timer too (in beginners running terms, rather than age).

    I too miss the regular posters - I really miss Gayle and Steve from USA, as I used to love reading their different blogs about the same running event and the banter between them!

    I think the new website has a lot to do with things, as I am definitely not picking up on some of the interesting posts and threads. I am delighted to see so many new faces and posters taking up and continuing with C25K, but I believe whatever way the website is designed, I get lots of posts from the same usernames showing up, and lots of posts about the same topics which have been discussed many times before. Some days I look at my "latest activity" feed and swear that I've seen the exact same post 2 weeks ago! I wonder if this is more of a problem with separating and organising the posts into categories, as I find I am missing the ones more relevant to me as a C25K graduate.

    There's also a lot of questions being posted as blogs and blogs being posted as questions, which I think reflects how difficult people find it to navigate round the new site.

    Hopefully things will pick up again in the winter after a summer of holidays and seemingly a lot of injuries (speedy recovery to all of you). I really hope so, as winter is the time we'll need each others' support most to keep going!


  • Spent time last night working out how best to navigate the site. Drafted a response and then lost it!

    The main thing I found was to use the drop down menus from the boxes on the right and left hand side of the questions and posts pages. If the set the LHS "Browse all" one to Couch to 5k+ and the RHS to popular, it puts this at the top of the page. Also the questions and posts pages are more useful rather the activity page because of this and these have "next" buttons at the bottom to allow you to see more posts.

  • You raise a really good point about seeing the same things over and over Newbie. Shamefully I only really use it to record my own runs (as it is the only record I have of my training and progress) and I find myself skipping over posts of those people doing the programme for the same reason (I can't remember how many times in the past I have posted about my weight loss starting at week 7 and how much I hated week 6!) This is a shame as a) the forum is really for them, and b) graduate support is really important to those doing the programme. I think it needs a more clear cut area somewhere for graduates.

  • Hey, my fellow graduate classmate! Good to hear from you :) This really is like a school reunion isnt it?!

    Sue x

  • Great to see you posting again Malcy - we missed the god of hell fire, even if we had a panther to entertain us in your absence. :)

  • I'm still here...lurking about mainly! Still running :) in fact today is exactly one year since I started the C25K programme. What a difference it has made to my life - I feel 20 years younger, have got my mojo back, and I'm 5 stone lighter than I was a year and half ago.

    Susan xx

  • That's great fatmumslim! It's coming up to my one year anniversary too.

  • xoxoxox

  • Happy anniversary Susan!! :)


  • Thanks Sue xx

  • Happy running anniversary! :)

  • well done and congratulations!!

  • Hi Everyone....not a 5x50 but posted the odd blog and gained so much support from everyone else when needed. The summer heat really affected my breathing and so my running suffered. Had got to 10.5K but then fell to just about managing 20 mins at a push. I stopped posting as I really didn't feel I had the right as failing so miserably. Have now got my mojo back and although not back to the distance yet my runs are now at least 5k and my best 7.5k so I am getting there slowly. I would never have graduated without all of you on this site so its a shame so many went quiet.

    I got an email update and saw the name Malcy so it made me come back to see and glad I did just in time to wish Malcy all the best for the Great North run!!!

    Happy running everyone! x

  • Hellooooo! Malcy and everyone! You've posted at just the right time it seems.

    We all need something to do 'together' and I will put my thinking cap on. But now I have guilt (as the dinosaur says in Toy Story) I haven't posted for a few weeks or even had time to look at the site to be honest. No emails prompting me either.

    Where have I been? I've been packing up, clearing out and moving house tomorrow. I'm also back at work with more teaching hours. I haven't kept going with all the exercise, but run once a week. Hopeless, I know.

    But it's just the best feeling to hear from you all.

    Theresa x

  • TJ, hello! Great to see you're still around. You sound very busy so I don't think you've got anything to feel hopeless about in exercising terms. You did enough earlier this year to buy you a lot of down time IMO. Good luck with the move. Tati x

  • Theresa, helloooo! :)

  • It's good to see plenty of people are keeping it up, I have been trying to get back into running after months off.

    I am not a fan of the new site so it has kept me away. I read the emails from time to time.

    I was to unwell to run for a while, I had a chest infection, then pneumonia, then another chest infection.

    I couldn't even sit upright for a while. So running hasn't happened for months. I have been trying to build it up again over the last couple of weeks, I managed a 25 minute jog a few days ago, I only went 3k though. Still can't shake a cough i've had for months.

    I hope to be back to managing a 5k by the end of September in time for winter to probably stop me again.

    Hmm, that was all a bit miserable, the short run before last I did I ended up in the middle of a huge nettle patch wearing shorts.

    My legs tingled for days.

  • Ooooooo - that sounds painful! Sorry, but it did make me laugh. Good to see you're getting back to running after so many setbacks.

  • So sorry to hear about your chest problems - hope you're all better now, although nettles don't sound fun :O

  • Sorry you've been so unwell, Well done on getting back into the running.

  • It's so great to see everyone again, you've all been missed! *waves*!! Thanks Malcy for bringinig us all back together, you rock! :)

  • Hear hear!!! ;)

  • Can't believe this amazing response. I like the bits about physical meet-ups. How about this for another of my CRAZY ideas? We set a weekend date. Venue somewhere central England with easy travel for everyone, Friday evening arrival and pasta party, Saturday morning Parkrun at your own pace followed by a sandwich & chat lunch. Afternoon free, then an evening dinner/disco-ish event. Sunday starts comfortably late with a 'hair-of-the-dog jog' then a sandwich lunch before heading home.

    Good idea? Bad Idea? Good but needs modified?

    We'd need people to organise it?

  • Love this idea Malcy! It would be quite a lot to organise though and to get a date/venue that would suit everyone. Look forward to hearing what others think...maybe start a new post?

    Good luck BTW for the GNR; will be thinking of you!


  • I, too, love this idea. I'd be willing to travel south to central England to meet all my fellow C25K runners and a weekend with running, plus food and drink, plus dancing, plus craic sounds like my idea of fun! :-)

  • lovely idea. I missed the 5 x 50 last year, but want to do the next one and something like this would be great in the meantime!

  • Fantastic idea! Let me know how I can help

  • Count me in. I can fly out Friday and back Sunday. Good luck for the GNR. Delia

  • Great idea. Anyone know a nice Parkrun? How about York?

  • Amazing idea! Let me know how I can help. Bit of a nuisance that the location of C25Kers is no longer even an option on the re-design .... Can't even start to work out where folk are. I still haven't done a ParkRun, but aC25K Facebook page mightn't be such a bad idea - would it be difficult to organise .... As a sort of central/virtual meeting place since the HU revamp has made here a wee bit awkward? Just a thought!

    Cheers, Linda :)

  • I've changed the C25kers Parkrun group to C25Kers on Facebook. Any who is a member of the group can add new members. facebook.com/groups/2342061...

  • Totally brilliant idea!

  • I'm in. It's a great idea! :)

  • SUPERB IDEA! And that could be a way to promote C25K with some publicity

  • Great to see everyone back on here. Malcy the miracle has certainly started something, and not just his own business. Good luck with that Malcy. Like the rest I can't wait for the 5x50 to start again. I'm still running 3 times a week and have done a few special runs this summer. Next week is my first 10km timed run so really looking forward to that. Love the idea of a meet up, it would be so motivating to do it and have it as a lead up to the 5x50 :)

    It's so great to see so many people who really helped me through my C25K (started February). I have checked the new site but it isn't often that I post anything. Good to see Annie (pom poms) and Greenlegs back. I keep in touch with a few through facebook. If anyone wants to be a friend my name is Andrea Tongue.

    Looking forward to lots more from everyone. Good luck Malcy with the GNR and to those meeting up, enjoy yourselves. Lots of hugs from rainy Belgium :)

  • Nice to see you again :)

  • I can't believe the fantastic response to this post! Well done, Malcy, for kickstarting something :)

  • Hi all. Not an original "main-stayer" but another pom-pom waver for the 5x50. I'd just started running then so could only cheer you on from the side-lines. Really hope to be able to be a part of it next time :)

  • Not part of the original gang... But id love a meet up, what a great idea Malcy..... It would be so good to put faces to names and a parkrun..... And I could share my best tips about panthering :)

    Happy to help organise too..

    Good luck today too!!!!!

  • Hi all - you were the gang who helped me through my second C25K attempt and got me that magic badge! I had no broadband April-June while my home was being renovated and came back to a new look site with lots of new runners making friends and hardly anyone I recognised posting regularly! I'm still running... Did my first 5K just yesterday, have volunteered at my local ParkRun and will be brave enough to do it myself soon, I'm still slow ha ha, still battling the gremlins and lacking direction and considering joining a local running group. Lovely to read all these comments :-)

  • Hi Malcy! I know what you mean... Sue mentioned on Fb you had posted. Had a bit of trouble getting to see this post as there are so many replies!! I haven't read them yet (will do when I have finished writing this). The new look has caused me a bit of consternation. I suppose its cos we simple folk like things just as they are. If it ain't broke.....

    I have kept up the running though not as often as I would like. So I think I need a bit of inspiration from the gang to get me back on track to 3 runs/wk. I love running so much. I've said this a lot in the past but it is the one thing that is just for me. Head space and fitness. I love seeing all the people out on the streets running, all different shapes and sizes. It fills me with joy and a little bit of pride that I am one of them. :)

    You all helped me on my journey and I look back with great fondness to my early mornings in the frost and the dark last winter working through C25k The support was always positive and not patronising.

    I have to say Malcy, as an aside, your posting while taking part in the GNR is gobsmacking!!!!! and running at such speed to boot.....Go Malcy! Look forward to reading all of the replies above. Tricia x

  • Great idea for a meet-up and assorted runs/disco!! Look forward to hearing more (and good to see you, and lots of others, back again). You'll have finished GNR by now I guess; hope it went well.

  • Definately interested in the meet up idea :D

  • Oh wow, this is just what I needed. Its so lovely to hear you all again. A meet up sounds just the ticket.

    I am also guilty of a slight prolapse over the summer, but it all started with a bang to the head, then concussion, then twisted ankle, then the heat......but I've been back into it now for 6 weeks or so, 3/4 times a week covering 6k a time, but with intervals. It suits me better and its great for the lard round the belly. Weight is all still off, around 26 pounds, still another 14 to go, but that will make me a supermodel size (in my dreams!!!!) so I'm happyish at the moment just to lose 1-2 pounds a month. Running has, and still does, change my life. I'm so glad you are all still here x

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