Couch to 5K

Wk2 R2

I did it ... Wk2 R2 completed this lunch time. I feel brilliant except for the pins and neddles I experience in my left foot from about two thirds of the way through. I always thought lack of oxygen caused pins and needles but my breathing is fine whilst I'm running, I'm not particularly out of breath at the end of each run section (and for an Asthmatic that's saying something). My trainers aren't too tight either. Any advice?

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I know you say your trainers aren't too tight but try loosening your laces over the high front part of your foot a bit, its a common cause for pins and needles. Also make sure your socks aren't gripping you tightly around the ankle. Good that your breathing is fine, I'm asthmatic too and it was quite difficult for me in the early weeks also in the winter when its very cold. But hopefully thats a very long way off. Good luck for your next run and well done.


well done! great achievement, i am just behind you!


No advice on the pins & needles, but very well done on completing W2.


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