Struggling After Week 9

Hi people, need some advice, I graduated last week and was so pleased with what I'd managed to achieve, never thought I would. This week though I managed a 30 minute run on Monday which was ok, but Wednesday and this morning I've only managed to achieve half of this for some reason. I seem to be really struggling, can't seem to find my breathing rhythm, not sure whether the heat is playing a part because it is still very warm even at 7am, or whether I maybe need to change my route as I have pretty much used the same one throughout. I've even considered going back to Week 7 or something just to build it up again. Any advice much appreciated.


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11 Replies

  • Firstly, well done for graduating! Great achievement! :-)

    I am pretty sure the heat and humidity is affecting things. I've been out twice this week ( finally made run 3 of week 9 and then repeated it while I find another programme to follow) and although I managed the whole 30 minutes, it was a real mental battle and I was slower than previous runs.

    Like you, my breathing was all to pot - something I haven't had issues with until now. I felt like I couldn't breathe deeply enough to get enough oxygen in...which made me start gasping...and then I was worried I'd hyperventilate -not good.

    Not finishing a run is very deactivating, isn't it? Maybe aiming for a shorter run - say week 7 - with the option of either finishing when Laura says 5 minutes left to go (if you've struggling), or running on through the 5 minute cool down if you've feeling good?

    Good luck - but I'm sure it's just a weather blip.x

  • *demotivating* not deactivating!

  • Thanks for the advice, congratulations to you also for completing week 9.

    Yeah I think maybe going for a slightly shorter run is probably the way to go, maybe do 25 minutes for a week, and take it from there again. Your right it is very demotivating when you don't finish a run, especially after doing so well, hopefully like you say just a blip though, especially with the current humidity x

  • I found it really hard to keep up motivation too - and this heat definitely does make a difference. I think some people have enough background fitness to feel comfortable with regular 30 minute runs by week 9, but for some of us perhaps our bodies haven't adjusted fast enough, and we need a bit longer to get used to it? Maybe try 2 recovery days instead of one? And perhaps vary the types of runs - some shorter faster ones (maybe?!) for variety?

  • Congratulations on Graduating! You must be very proud :)

    The heat and humidity are definitely making it harder. I read somewhere about how humidity makes it harder for runners to breathe or something like that, so it's not surprising we are finding it harder lately. Mentally do you have a challenge to aim for? I have found that if I think about my breathing it gets harder, so I deliberately think of other things and remind myself to hold my head up (don't know why I look at the ground when it's hard to breathe lol). As soon as I think of breathing again it gets harder. I try to think about how far I've already covered (positive thoughts like "wow I've done a mile already") the rhythm of my legs, whether I can pick them up a little higher and stuff like that. Try shifting your concentration.

  • Main thing is not to to let a bad couple of days turn in to a streak, you've come too far to let it slip! Why not sign up for an event?

  • I too could not run today, I am one run away from graduating, this morning was supposed to be a 30 min run but I could not do it, i managed 20 mins only but I comfort myself by the fact that 8 weeks ago I could not run for 1 min and here I am running for 20!! Massive achievement I say and well done to all of us who keep going week after week as it is not easy. U need to look at what u have achieved and not the negative side as it is just a blip!

  • Well done on graduating, that is such an achievement. First off not every run will be what you consider a good run, but any run is a good run. If you haven't tried the follow on podcasts give them a go. C25K+ the speed podcast is very good. I found it a bit hard at first but you get used to it quite quickly and it's short compared to the rest. I have done the stepping stones but the stamina one I have yet to try. Give them a go and see how you get on for a while. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Good luck. :-)

  • I think greenlegs comment about our bodies adjusting is spot on - I could get away with some weakness in my hips and core when doing intervals but since graduating I've had knee and back discomfort, so now I am running 20 mins, slowly building back up to 30 and doing some core physio and exercises to strengthen - I love running and really don't want to stop :)

  • Congratulations on graduating! That(s such a great achievement.

    I agree with everyone else. The only thing I would add is about pressure. Sometimes we expect ourselves to be better or faster than we are. I struggled for a while and althoughi have long-term goals formy running, I'm just focussing on getting out there and finishing therroute I set out. As a consequence I enjoy it more.

    That said, I still employ a tactic I learned at school: landmarks. About ten steps away...

  • The heat and humidity make running hard and there are days in general when your running is harder work than on other days-it's normal and think about how much you can already do!

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