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Inspiring others to try C25K

I graduated the program a few weeks ago and it seems I've inspired a friend to give it a go! I went along for moral support for her first official run tonight and was able to share in her excitement at completing all the intervals. It just seems like last week that was me struggling through one minute intervals from hell. :)

To anyone who's graduated, I would highly suggest revisiting W1R1, it really is an eye opening experience! A few months ago I was just like my friend (gasping for air and praying for the interval to end) and now I completely breezed through it like it was nothing. It just boggles my mind how my body has actually changed in a few short months!

I'm so excited for my friend and am excited to relive all those wonderful milestones and accomplishments with her. She may not know it yet, but she is about to blow her own mind with what her body will be able to accomplish. :)


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My friend inspired me and I have inspired another friend - I think of it as a relay, passing on the c25k baton :)


My neighbor has just finished the programme and I am so pleased for her. It was great to be able to say I know you can do because look at unsporty me. It is incredible how it works for so many people.

Actually just trying the speed podcast took me straight back to how hard week one was.


I inspired quite a lot people to start the programme. 2 directly and 2 indirectly. I told my friends about this programme and as I was really an unfit person they saw that it was possible for everyone. So the first of my friends started. She had told her mother about the programme and that a friend of her (me) was doing it although unfit and overweight, so her mother decided to join my friend and they started together. Her mother also quitted smoking when they began running. I can't tell exactly at which week mother and daughter are right now but it should be Week 6 or 7.

Another friend of mine started last week and, as she didn't want to go alone, she convinced a friend (who wants to lose weight and therefore needs exercise) to join her.

I think I fulfilled my mission to spread the word!


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