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Did I push myself too hard? Thought I was going to collapse!

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So I got back after almost a 2 week break. I got back to where I had left off i.e. W6R3. I thought it was a bad idea especially after some folks here suggested to start week6 again. So I thought I will put myself on W6R3 and then take a walk break after 5 min or 10min depending on how far I thought I could go on. So I started off....

@5min mark: "This isn't too bad, I think I could do another lap around the park i.e. roughly another 5 min"

@around 10min: "where the hell is Laura, is she on a pee break?"

@12.5min: "wooooo Laura is back, but then I am past 10min, I might aswell make it to 20min mark and call it a day"

@20min: "Laura is being all encouraging and telling me not to stop. What would my gold fish think about me if I stopped now!?"

@around 20.5min: "I am sooooo out of breath, need to go into zombie mode, one foot in front of another don't think about it! who needs brains right?"

@24min: "Laura is asking me to run faster!!! IS SHE JOKING!?!?"

@25min: "Think I am going to faint, I will be surprised if I manage to crawl back home and she want me to what!? BRISK WALK!?!? NO WAY"

Sorry about the rant but thats basically what happened and yes I did make it home! lol. Not sure if I pushed it too far, I was feeling very light headed at the end and I don't think I was ever this tired during this program. On the bright side i am a runner becoz Laura said so :P

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WELL DONE FOR KEEPING GOING! I too thought Laura was barking mad when she tried to get me to speed up at the end! But doesn't it feel good when she tells you that you are officially a runner!

Hang on in there, you're doing great!

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anand12 in reply to Beek

Sure does, but she does wait till the end to say it. I read it on the forums here and I was waiting to hear it for myself and was getting impatient after I finished my run lol.

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Don't worry about the goldfish, he'll forget all about it!

Well done for keeping going, now big drink, rest day and back out there........

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Well done! I did w7r1 today and was exhausted after the 25 mins, did the five mins cool down but then ran rest of the way home, not too far 3- 4 mins. Are we gluttons for punishment? Hoping the 25 mins will get easier by the end of the week :)

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I know the zombie mode, head down look at feet...1...2...3...4...1..2...3..4, well done for completing, think you were just not mentally prepared you were obviously physically prepared, am doing mine W6 R3 first 25 minutes on Friday, I did extra today but only because I had a whole group encouragement :-)

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