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Week 6 Run 2 - Sweaty

I was gearing myself up to tackle W6R3 this morning, but when I looked at my phone I realised that I hadn't actually done W6R2 yet as I had used my own music (selected for its BPM on for my Race for Life on Sunday. Well, I do really want to get that grey graduate badge one day so I obeyed the programme and did W6R2 today instead.

It was hot (again) and I couldn't even get onto my usual running field as it was so overgrown (plus I was a little bit scared after another dog-walker told me last night that there are adders on the fields here as well as grass snakes. Therefore I ran on pavements around the village today. I could feel that it was a bit harder on my knees (and a little annoying whenever somebody was blocking the pavement and I had to loop back to avoid stopping) but it did feel good to actually go somewhere instead of round the field track in circles like a hamster. This also made the running intervals go faster somehow, although my split times were pretty shocking today!

Thanks to Beek for her inspiring words yesterday about it only being ourselves we let down if we bunk off runs! I was tempted to give it a miss again today, but I am glad that I went out even if I did come back probably the sweatiest I've ever been after running!

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Hi BigMomma. Well done on doing your Race for Life. I hope to be able to do one of those one day soon!


Oh dear me! I just let us both down didn't I? Just could not waken in time and also had to meet another beek to do a lot of work at Harewood House apiary. I ended up there literally dripping with sweat! Not a good example am I? I have a saying that when I am old (I mean really, really old) I would rather be an inspiration than a warning to others. But today I am a warning - how not to do it! Sorry to let you down again. Linda

Good luck for your Race for Life!


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