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Congratulations to bunblebeaz, xsallyx and albionjen on their weight loss

All three of you have now earned an 'I did it!' badge!

Read how bunblebeaz did it:

You can claim an 'I did it!' weight loss badge for your profile from the administrator for:

-Losing 5% or more of your bodyweight

-Reaching a healthy BMI score below 25

-Completing the NHS Choices 12-week weight loss guide

Check out the Weight loss forum:!/#nhswe...

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Thanks for the link!

I am not part of the weight loss forum but I have lost 25 kgs (94kgs in Oct 2012 and 69 kgs now). Do you have to be part of the weight loss forum or can I get this badge even though I am only part of the C25K forum? I know I am being greedy but having two badges would be cool!


Hi Aftabs, Well done! I can give you the badge via the Weight Loss forum. Simply join the forum and send me a message.


Would the badge show up on this forum? Or just the weight loss one? I'm like Aftabs, I fancy collecting a whole string of the badges. Can we have multicoloured ones please.


Well done losers!!! (in the nicest possible way!!)



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