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Completed my first Race for Life!!!

It was great, fantastic atmosphere. Completed in 44 mins and 45 secs which I was well chuffed with, as my previous 5k took 51 minutes - so a new PB. :)

The weather was bearable - cloudy, so not as warm as its been lately. But, I found out I cannot run very well on grass (more used to a hard surface). Luckily, after the first 1k the running surface was tarmac.

We were assured that the run would be pretty much level - they lied! There was this big-assed hill, went on for ever (so obviously not very steep) - all the same damned hard work. :(

It was a great experience and we are looking forward to doing another one (or a 10k) next year.

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Well done! The atmosphere at our RFL was amazing today, definitely going back next year.


Well done - I too did my first RFL today. It was the first time that my husband and boys had seen me run!!

Lovely atmosphere, and I would definitely do another one at some point too.


Well done!! That's a fab time especially will an incline like that! I did the race for life in Newcastle today too! I'm still buzzing and over the moon that I actually ran the whole way! Well done to us all eh?! :-) xx


Thanks Unfitmum, Jefna and Bandersnatch - it was a great feeling wasn't it? And we raised money for a good cause.

Got to do it again - 10k next time, maybe ...


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