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Keeping the faith with the new site

Just back from holiday and have been looking at the new C25k site. They do seem to have improved things a bit since the first abortive launch earlier in the month. Maybe the number of users just got too big for the old site but it would have been good to have had some user input to how people wanted to use it and some advance warning of the changes

Up to now the C25k site has worked well and I have enjoyed visiting it most days. I have a group of "old friends" who it's good to keep up to date with and I suppose I could use emails, Facebook or a Yahoo group instead for much the same purpose. However I have felt the strength of the C25k online community has been they way it had fostered a real sense of mutual support particularly to people starting out but also just sharing experiences and bits of good advice or helpful information.

It would be huge shame if this was lost so I'm not giving up yet and I hope others will manage to stick with it.

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It does seem to be getting better, although the email notifications aren't back yet. Their biggest problem was that they didn't communicate the change beforehand so the first people knew of it was when their/our much-loved site didn't work any more. The reaction was entirely predictable and should have been predicted. And some of their messaging immediately afterwards was a bit inept too. Hopefully they'll have learnt a lot from this


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