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I completed C25k a year ago ( didnt know about this site till now...been reading your posts and what an amazing group of people you are!!!).I am really keen to progress to something more than 3 runs a week. The issue I have is that I work full time and generally run early mornings. However to increase to 4 or 5 runs a week I need to go out at night.

I would really welcome your wisdom/ advice/ thoughts on how you all manage to do this as I flop at about 8 with a large glass of ?




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14 Replies

  • At this time of year it is easy, and really pleasant to go for an evening run. Just change straight into your running kit when you get home and get out the door. Do not open that bottle until you get back.

  • Sound advice because all manner of things distract me when I open the front door, so if I have it ready on the bed, and do a quick Superman then out the door.... and yes perhaps the bottle is the carrot?!!

  • As Rig says, your best bet is to get out running right away when you come home. The moment you let yourself sit down in front of the telly, you have lost the battle. So make it a habit on your evening-runnig-days to consider the run an integral part of coming home. You're not really home until after your run.

    Hopefully it will soon become such a natural part of your routine that you stop thinking about it, but for the first couple of weeks it is probably going to take a bit of self discipline. But I suspect it also took self discipline initially to convince yourself to get up and running before work, and you have cracked that one by now, so you can also crack the evening runs.

    Happy running!

  • Again, great advice, thankyou so much. I will keep you posted as to how I get on. I think it will take me a while but hopefully I'll nail it and get better at running...

  • My husband gets the running clothes out on the bed so that when we get home from work we don't even go into the house just straight up the stairs and get changed. We run together so the warm up and cool down walks act as the daily catch up. I usually find that I don't want a glass of anything stronger than juice when I come home so it cuts down on calories and alcohol intake win, win, win :)

  • That's lovely, and a great idea, and a great idea re lowering the booze consumption...

  • That's so romantic !

  • run (win yes i understand) cut down calories (win with you there as well) cuts down alcohol (arrrggh..mmmm not so sure)

  • think of your liver :)

  • Mmmm lovely with fried onions....

  • Me neither

  • on a related and similar note I Also know of others who work full time who go to sleep in their running clothes , so they get up in the morning, and all they have to do is put there running shoes on and out the door.. certainly cuts down the time.. be pretty rank by the end of the week though LOL so perhaps evening immediately post work is better

  • Good idea but I'd wait till the morning to put my lippy on?

  • Well I always do..

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