Whatever you think right now, you CAN achieve the impossible!

Hi everyone. I used to lurk, contribute and cajole here for a long time. They called me The God of Hell Fire (go look it up in the archive). I started C25K in February 2012, graduated in the May and been running ever since. I now have my own couch to 5K group that has put 85 people through the programme in the last year.

But yesterday I did something I never would have believed. From jogging 30 seconds in week 1 - and at 60 years old - I did my first marathon. A week ago, I wasn't going to turn up. But I thought of C25K week 7 - you know the one. Nobody thinks they can do that. But they do. I didn't think I could really do a marathon. But I did.

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30 Replies

  • Well done Malcy. It is great to know that you are still hard at it. You are just a few months older than me and your parkrun times were always the ones I wanted to emulate.

    Many congratulations on the marathon.

  • Thanks. My parkrun tmes aren't so good these days ... Is Aftab still going? He caught then overtook my PB.

  • Hi Malcy I remember you, been keeping up with you and Sue and a few others on C25kers on FB, this 76 year old is still out there but more walking than jogging .Pat

  • Hi Pat. Nice to hear from you. Walking is good - I did a lot of that on the marathon :)

  • Aw, thanks for sharing that malcy! I love reading these inspiring stories and so great that you are now helping others change their lives so positively😀

    Makes my goal of doing a humble 10K seem very achievable😀😀

  • A 10k is just as possible as 5k. You just need to do a bit more building up to it and, like C25K, take a deep breath and give it a try.

  • Now I have graduated, I can really believe that! thank you😀

  • Well done Malcy! From another 60 year old, who graduated in July 15...😀

  • Thanks Dave. 60 isn't so bad, is it?

  • wow, that's amazing - you should feel so proud

  • I do admit feeling rather smug right now :)

  • Congratulations Malcy.

    Glad to see the fire is still burning.

    All hail the God of Hell Fire!

  • Still burning bright!

  • I remember your posts, hello and welcome back but more importantly massive congratulations on your marathon, that is a great achievement.

  • Thanks

  • Congratulations on your Marathon Malcy! I used to follow your posts back in the day you were very inspiring and it's no surprise that you have motivated so many to complete C25K. I was a couple of weeks behind you on the programme and did the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday.

  • And well done on your half. If you can do that, you can do the second half too!

  • Well done Malcy -you are an inspiration.

  • Thanks but I really don't think I'm anything special. I just want to let people see that if they want to do something then - as long as it's physically possible - they can. So many of my childhood friends were told not to get any fancy ideas, but my parents told me to fly. That was really unusual in the 50s. But where my friends went down the mines like our dads, I ended up doing all sorts of interesting things, teaching at university and now I'm a marathon runner! So I owe it to those childhood friends to encourage other people to want to fly as well. Soppy, huh?

  • Not soppy at all and actually - at the risk of sounding rude(!!!!), it's because you aren't "anything special" and have achieved this you can inspire other ordinary folk.

    Getting 88 people through the programme is a different matter altogether and your parents taught you well.

  • Wow Malcy, that's awesome - inspirational running coach AND a marathon... seriously brilliant! Are you on the FB C25K forum then?

  • Thanks. But no, I'm not in the C25K facebook community. I am on fb though, and mainly it's running friends. I'd be happy for younto become a friend

  • MALCY!!! How nice to see you here again :) And super congrats on your marathon. I've been lurking on your webpage so I've been following your progress, but missed the actual thing because I was away. Well done on your achievement, and on your time - brilliant!

  • Thanks Annie. I miss your pom poms!

  • Good man Malcy! I'm still a very regular runner but couldn't imagine doing a marathon. Very well done :-)

  • Neither could I. A week before, I wasn't going to take the start. But I did a try of the distance & found I could do it after all.

  • Absolutely fantastic Malcy ! You are a complete inspiration !

    Well done and Many Congratulations to you !

    I am the God of Hell Fire and I bring you -Fire !

    Live it . Love it Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • So good to see you here again Malcy, you were always a huge inspiration for me and well done thats a fantastic achievement...

  • Glad to see you're still running too. And your son?

  • Yes he is really going strong and training for a triathlon. His PARKRUN time is 21 minutes now!!!!!!!

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