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Phew it was hot out there!

This is my second attempt at sending this. Went to preview my post and it said I needed to log in. Thing is I was logged in. Profile picture was displayed but no!! Tried to log in again and lost what I'd typed!! Aaaargh. Anyway just wanted to say that although I'm loving this great weather, it's making running really hard. Went out a week ago and managed 5k but as I run at lunchtime I decided today was going to be the day to go out. Don't want to undo all the hard work I've achieved by completing this program so I decided that I'd do a shorter run round the block as I figure it's better than nothing at all. Managed 2.26k in 14.04 minutes but my goodness I was so hot. The new running vest was a help though. Return of the tomato face!!! At least I got off the couch......or in this weather, the sun lounger (I wish)! Happy running everyone.

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ive been doing my running before i go to work when its lot cooler, just have to have the will power to get up at 6am


I would love to, but I start work at 4am, so it's after work for me (dinner time) anytime at the moment is too hot for me I just have to find some shade to run in-woods are good as they kinda stay at an ambient temperature of 16 degrees :-) keep hydrated and bring out the suncream :-)


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