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Unsuccessful run

I went out for my run tonight full of hope and excitement and energy. I have been running around the field with short grass next to my house recently as its such a struggle to clamber through the field that leads me to the country lane, (full of crops and the path the farmer has left us is covered in nettles and other strange looking plants) But decided to go for it, took me 10 minutes to get to the country lane instead of my usual 5 minutes, I got stung by a wasp by nettles and a horrible spiky plant and a very strange looking one which has left me with a sort of burn on my thigh. So im covered head to toe in germolene as I write this. I feel like im a child again, got home covered in mud and scrapes and bruises from my stumbling and bits of tree in my hair. My other half took one look at me and said I wont even ask.... lol

I started off ok, my knees hurt a little, I imagine from not running on road for a few months. But eased off quickly, I had a good pace 7:21. Then suddenly the dreaded stitch hit me... and I could not get rid of it, my head started pounding and I had to give up after only 1.3km I walked a little then tried to run again a few times but only got a few yards and the stitch hit me. So I gave up !! I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I don't even feel bad. I know there will be good and bad runs. Passed a cyclist, who looked like he was having the same sort of day as me, we shared a knowing look of sympathy and both gave the same attempt at a smile ! It's funny how even saying nothing you can convey so much in just a few seconds.

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Awwww BG you haven't sympathies. I too had a s**t run today. Just struggled with tiredness and motivation.

Lets blame the weather. It's lovely......but too hot to run long distances.


This should have read "you HAVE my sympathies"!!!

Bloody iPhones!


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