5x50ers - what's your activity like now?

For all those who did 5x50, I just wondered how people were getting on now and whether they were still exercising more than before. I have had weeks where I've done something on 5 days but have been a bit less active recently because of slight injury and the heat. I do miss it a bit to be honest although think I would struggle to keep it up at the moment in the heatwave.


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9 Replies

  • Sorry to hear that you have an injury :( I kept going pretty well and added more running. But, I've done nothing this week. Too busy, too hot and out of routine. Never mind, it always picks up again once it starts raining!

  • I've have kept up with 30 mins of exercise everyday since the end of the challenge. I suffered with bursitis in one knee just after he challenge finished and my exercise was limited to yoga, swiss ball exercising and swimming, for 10 days. Then I got my new hybrid bike and started a cycle commuting. This involves 30 miles round trip 4 days a week, and half that on the 5th day, so I'm too tired after this to even think about running.

    The sports physio has said I can run again now and I've done a couple of slow 5kms runs on my days off work.

    This Tuesday hubby and I completed a 25 miles walk along the Dava Way from Forres to Grantown. This is a path that goes along an old railway line. My knee gave me a few niggles, but is pretty good today.

    Today I only need to cycle 7 miles to hubby's office in the morning and pick up the car for the day to visit my more distant workplace. If it's not too hot when I get home in the evening I plan to try a run.

  • Hellooooo! Good to see 5x50ers back again. (Pity the 5x50 tag doesn't work anymore though.) I have lapsed rather a lot, sadly, though I have done a few shorter runs in the last week, and have played tennis twice - which I hadn't done for many years, so that is a real bonus. So although 5x50 had me running a bit less frequently, I restarted yoga, cycling and now tennis. And the fact that I actually went out in the hot sun and ran a mile earlier this week is amazing, as I have always been very sun-avoidant.

    So maybe not so bad after all. :) I'm looking forward to doing some running on holiday too, which will be a whole new experience. Maybe along a beach.

  • Hi there, glad to see some of the 5x50ers still posting on this site. I haven't been on it for a while and was surprised to see the new format. Hope everything is working out okay for most people. As to activity levels - I've tried to keep up my 30 mins or 5k every day and overall think I'm doing okay. I've had some long cycles and walks and a few runs then some days haven't had a chance to do very much. Life is busy at the mo as we have my daughter's wedding next Friday. Fingers crossed the weather holds! Best wishes to you all. ??:)

  • The question marks are my attempt at a smiley face using emoji! Not very successful!

  • Hi! I'm still running 3 times a week, have been doing b210k to go further ready for Sunday's Olympic Park run; I haven't been on my bike for a few weeks but will definitely get back on that next week when running can ease off a bit (& I have just found my bike lock key so can leave it fairly safely somewhere!) I have also braved the swimming pool a couple of times, 30 minutes mainly doing breaststroke then 30 minutes playing with grandson! I have also done a fair bit of walking; even if it's like this evening when after dinner out with a friend we got off the train one station early to walk the rest of the way, was lovely in the warm breeze!

    Happy exercising everyone! :-)

  • Still running every other day and preparing for my half marathon in August. I bought a new bike during the 5x50 challenge and I'm happily commuting 3 times a week and going for the odd bike ride also. Consider what next :-)

  • I loved the 5x50 and missed it once it was over. I signed up for the Juneathon and just didn't have the same mindset and was struggling to fit it in around work so I knocked it on the head after a few days. My main reason for not exercising everyday was I needed to be a bit cautious about overdoing it and aggravating my achilles tendons while I was training for my first HM. This paid off as I managed to knock more than 3 minutes off my parkrun time in June for my dreamed-of sub-30 time and my HM exceeded my expectations. I think my body was grateful for the unaccustomed rest days after the 5x50. I believe I got used to pushing on when tired and the 5x50 was good for my endurance -- will certainly sign up next time. I'm struggling with the heat at the moment but I want to re-introduce more cycling and other exercise on my non-running days.

  • Hi all, I have continued with doing something almost everyday, although I do have 1 full rest day now. I run 3 times a week and do Strength and Flex still. I also walk every weekend and swim when I can fit it in. I am working towards my 10 km at the moment, but I haven't tried running 2 days in a row yet. I will wait to try that nearer the time for the next 5x50 :) I do miss the daily updates and the Malcymeter :( Did something a bit different this weekend.....went kayaking for 21km and did a rock climb with a built in assault course.....it was fantastic. That would have been loads of km's on 5x50. It's good to see you are all doing something. Look forward to the next challenge 8)

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