Couch to 5K

3 to 1

In the sun

Well I haven't been here much recently. I have kept up the running but just thought that putting up "Another run Done" was hardly worth it!!

As the title suggests my running has been reduced from 3 times a week to once a week, Time and work commitments have been the chief culprits.

We are now in the centre of Spain and temps are quite high which has also affected my enthusiasm for running but I have managed to do 1 or 2 runs a week.

However, I have to run early morning so as to get the cooler temps. Days are starting at between 22C and 27C at 7 am. Phew! I have decided that I really do not like running first thing in the morning but to run before lunch (my preferred time) would mean running in 32 degrees plus. Not good.

Any way enough negativity. Just heard from favourite daughter-in-law (only got one) that she has just graduated this week. So she will be getting the T shirt for her efforts just a soon as she lets me know colour and size.


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