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10k run for me ?

well i bought some decent running shoes the other day, whilst in the shop and talking to the salesman all about my running and that i planned to do a 10k next year, he suggested that i dont wait till next year as there is a 10k run in Scarborough in November. So im going to see how the next few weeks of running go (i currently do about 5.5k three times a week)

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it certainly is very do-able.

If you think that C25k teaches you how to run for 30mins, just gradually increasing your time by 5 mins per week - it would only take you 6 weeks to hone and condition yourself to regularly run for an hour at a time.

if you can do that, then you're not too far away from 10k. And November is a lost further away than 6 weeks.

I only graduated in June, and am already planning two 10k races - the great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield in Sept & the Abbey Leeds Dash in November. So the biggest obstacle is getting out there in the warm weather & finding something to run to.

Good luck & happy running


cheers for that


I'd 2nd Matthew's advice, but only on 1 run a week, I'd do a 5km at a faster pace, a 5km at normal pace and a longer run.


just downloaded samantha murphys b210k podcasts, gonna give them a go


Good luck, it is definitely doable, I started with the Samantha podcasts but ended up with injuries, in the end I just added 10% per week and I'm now up to HM distance. Enjoy the longer runs :-)


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