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York 10k - a big milestone for me!


Miles has given an excellent description of the York 10k race yesterday a few posts below mine, so I won't be repeating everything he said. He's a far better story teller than me :)

But I do want to celebrate having completed the run. The day after I graduated c25k on the 28th April, I signed up for the York 10k race on the 3rd August in order to give myself a carrot to continue training. With just over 3 months to increase my distance from 5km to 10km, it felt very doable.

It wasn't nearly as "easy" as I had thought. First I completely over-trained and had to take a few weeks out of training due to a minor knee injury. Then things went really well for quite a few weeks, and I got up to 9 km running, as well as cross training with regular cycling and a bit of swimming. A month ago I lost the mojo and simply stopped doing any exercise. That lasted for nearly 3 weeks, before I realised that it was about time to do something if I was to complete the 10k.

So all in all, it hasn't been easy, but completing the race yesterday, without having to walk, without feeling completely knackered, was such a wonderful feeling!

64 minutes 8 seconds, which I'm very pleased with. And I hope Cancer Research UK will be pleased with the £160 I managed to convince friends and family to donate as sponsorships.

Next step is to continue training for the half marathon I also signed up for back in April. The HM in on the 19th November in Birmingham. So again there's just over 3 months to double the distance. I hope I have learnt the lesson that it's not "easy", and that I must watch out for over doing things and burning myself out. On the other hand, yesterday also proved just how much fun it can be!

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That is fantastic Tomas, well done. You should be feeling very proud of your achievement in running the distance and in raising the money that you have. Love the photo! x :-)


Thanks Kat :) And you're right... I need to watch myself and not go back into wearing-myself-out mode :)


Congratulations Tomas, you did it without stopping...wow, a great time and great fund raising- well done for finding your mojo to get back into running and training after those few weeks off; can only assume that was challenging:)

That's the greatness of this forum- everyone's got a similar but different story which makes it unique and something we can all identify with whatever our age and level of fitness. I aspire to run a 10k, a parkrun, a triathlon but can procrastinate! Reading yours and everyone's experiences keeps it real and motivates me:) so I am now going for a run because you've inspired me:) Really! Thanks T

poppypugGraduate in reply to jaxmc64

Hear hear Jax, Plus , I can sooo relate to the second paragraph of your post , that is exactly how I feel I just couldn't put it into words , thank you ! :-) xxx

jaxmc64Graduate in reply to poppypug

Awww PP thanks - and keep me smiling laughing with your gr8 humour and supportive posties x

poppypugGraduate in reply to jaxmc64

:-) xxx

TomasGraduate in reply to jaxmc64

10k, a parkrun, a triathlon... you're not fooling around! Sounds like some great objectives, I hope you do it all :)


Brilliant Tomas ! So glad you posted and let us know how you went on, its good to hear ! On here we like to share everyones successes and be there when things aren't so good too , were all dead nosy ha ha :-)

I read you had had a tough time with your motivation and your training, but you got out there and did it !

Congratulations !

Good photo btw :-) xxx


That is a great post Tomas, you can see how much this has meant to you. A great time and with no walking that is amazing! I am sure the charity will be more than pleased with the amount you raised. Just goes to show how amazing this running is and gets us reaching new goals. Good luck for with your training! Finally a much deserved congratulations !


Congratulations on completing your 10k and that's a great time for your first attempt. I've signed up for my first 10k 'race' at the end of August and I would be over the moon if I managed to equal your time ;) Giid luck with the HM :)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to paul2014

And we are awaiting your training updates and want loads of photos and a massive write up... we will be chasing you (well, Miles won't - we're chasing him who'll be chasing TT)... :)

paul2014Graduate in reply to aussiegtc

Lol. I'll try my best, Aussie ;)

TomasGraduate in reply to paul2014

I look forward to reading about how you're doing on the race, Paul. It's really "something else" to be running with loads of other people.

paul2014Graduate in reply to Tomas

Thanks, Tomas. I must admit, the thought of running infront of all those perople is exciting ;o) I hope I don't get too carried away and set off too fast ;o)


Brilliant photo, your looking very relaxed there. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement & some great fundraising.


Fab post Tomas and what a brilliant picture. You should be so very proud of yourself. Not only for the money you raised for cancer research, or the great time you got, but for the sheer effort, guts and determination you've put in over the weeks and months to get to the point where you could achieve a 10k. I'm really looking forward to reading about your journey to half marathon readiness. :) :)

TomasGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Awww, thank you, AM :) And don't worry; I'll make sure to bore everybody to death with my HM training stories *lol*

I could start with how I have already managed to mis-place the carefully scribbled training plan I had made. Oh well.


Well done Tomas! Great photo (now really disappointed my event didn't have a photographer - boo!)... Crackin' time for a 10K as well... that 60 minutes is in reach and in your future (I know these things you see!)...

10K is certainly a step up and you seem to have had a similar experience to me - I can run 5, what's 10 between friends? Let's just step it up... then - ouch!

Glad you've found the right balance now and slow and steady is the way forward.

So now we have Aussie, Miles and Tomas in HM training mode... (Come on TT - we don't mind being "chicked" - you can do the Hampton Court one with me!)...

Virtual training partners and an adoring crowd on HU... perfect!

Best of luck with the HM prep - and well done on the run and the fundraising for a great cause!

TurboTortoiseGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

I am never going to mention that 'c' word again! It was like a red rag to a bull!

A half marathon... maybe... I'm going to a 10-miler first, just to ease myself into the idea.

AncientMumGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Don't forget MissWobble. She's done 10miles already, so a HM has to be a possibility for her too

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to AncientMum

The long distance MISTRESS... How could I forget... She'll chick us all! ;)

TomasGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Thanks Aussie. I'm sure we all, including the charming wobbly Lady, will do well.

This forum is really perfect, isn't it? A great place to talk about running, without boring the family to death.

I'll take your word for the sub-60. I had aspirations for that a month ago, but based on the last training run I thought I'd be lucky to get sub-70. But now that you've promised me (!), I shall hold you to it *lol*


Great post and congratulations on finishing your 10K - no walking and a great time :) Onwards to your HM now...


Congratulations :-)

You' ve learned some lessons by the sounds if it, so I'm sure you'll succeed with your hm - good luck with the continued training.

Will look out for another great post :-) x

Congratulations Tomas! Great picture too. So glad it went well for you and you bagged a very tidy time. When it comes to training, slow and steady really does win the race (the tortoise mantra). :-) All the best for your HM build-up - I'm going to do one, one day, but am planning a 10-miler first because I'm so risk averse!

TomasGraduate in reply to TurboTortoise

10 miles sounds like a great challenge, TT. I know you can do it!

What a fab post and picture Tomas. You've done tremendously well and shown determination, commitment and patience to reach this milestone. AND you've raised all that money too. You should be very proud.

I'm sure you'll do everything right to train for the HM. Please keep us posted on your journey.


Oh no ! I feel guilty now for harsh words a few weeks ago when you said you had lost your mojo. You have done a great job !! Well done and good luck for your hm.

TomasGraduate in reply to Hidden

Your "harsh" words helped me a lot, henpen90. It was just what I needed to hear to get back into the swing of things, and look where it got me :) So thank you again :)


Well done Tomas! Fab action photo. I'm sure you'll manage that HM!

Congratulations Tomas on a great time, you looking on good form in your photo, well done for sticking at it, you 1st race of many to come i bet :) Bet you're feeling great that you have achieved your aim!


Tomas! :-)

Thanks for posting your experience too - and your excellent photo! Is that one of the official race photos? I wasn't overly impressed with mine from this race, but yours is great! :-)

It was loads of fun, this race, wasn't it? Lots of fun, and you raised a great amount for charity too; very well done. :-) Have you stopped grinning yet? I haven't! Those crowds at the finish line; how brilliant was that?

Congratulations again. :-) Sadly, i didn't see you. :-( The names on the bibs is a great idea though; I love that little touch!

Very good luck for your HM training. Yours is sooner than mine; mine's in February, but you still have plenty of training time yet and as you've shown, you can achieve great things! Take it steady in training and you'll be fine. I wholeheartedly agree, by the way: having races booked, especially ones that are juuuuust out of reach when we book them, is the best motivation. I'm a strong believer in it. I love working toward the goal and having the determination and self belief. It's amazing.

Very, very well done again on it; it's a wonderful achievement. :-)

TomasGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Thank you, Miles! Although your avatar shows you in yellow, I take it that it wasn't you dressing up as Ali G? Man, running with that swimming cap must have been hot!

The pic is one of the race photos. At first I was a bit shocked to see the price for them, but my set had 10, of which at least half were good. I wish they had caught me better passing the Minster, as that would have been such a cool pic. Never mind.

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Tomas

No no, that certainly wasn't me! :D Did you see Ronnie the Rhino? Dear God, how he managed to run in a great big rhino outfit is a total mystery to me! :-/ Full credit to costumed runners; it must take some serious doing, running in a costume/fancy dress. I couldn't do it. Perhaps in winter, but not in the heat of summer.

The cost of the photographs is nothing short of criminal. Hideously expensive. You did better than me; from York there were only six of me, none of them that great. There were eight from the Leeds 10K and some were okay, but none really that good from York. I thought the same as you; a pic going past the Minster would have been amazing. I'd have thought they would have strategically placed photographers there, and on the Shambles too. Ah well. At least you got some good pics! :-)


Well done Tomas!!! Great job! I'm so pleased that you finished, got a good time and you really enjoyed it. What more could one ask.

So, half marathon then. Take care with your training!

I must admit a half marathon is very tempting. If you lot are doing them then I'd hate to be left out.

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to misswobble

Excellent news... we take that as a "challenge accepted" from you MissW... :) You can join Miles oop north or me in SW London in Feb... :)

TomasGraduate in reply to misswobble

I look forward to read all about you going for it, wobbly Lady ;-)


I was very wobbly today! I have tremors in my hands from all the hedge cutting I did yesterday with the horrible machine.


That's fab, we knew you could do it, all my best wishes for the hm in November. :-)


Congratulations on completing the run! It's great to hear after all your health worries a while back. Now onwards and upwards with the half marathon!

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