Couch to 5K

W5 R3 sorry for the lack of wildlife next year

This was the first of the runs I was absolutely dreading, but it went surprisingly very well even most enjoyable...

I decided the route I usually run was way too hot and hilly - so I walked that, then ran in a partly shaded section of our local C2C route.

I found that I had managed my pace very well and was very surprised to hear Laura announce 60 seconds left. The next 8 minutes was just as easy and enjoyable as I concentrated on whether or not I am a runner? Do I have both feet off the ground at any one point? haha nearly tripped over! Are my feet more widely laterally spaced? lol

I also noticed today - no hay fever, the plants were instead smelling very sweet. Now I find myself looking forward to Friday's run instead of dreading it (hopefully it will still rain though).

Anyways apologies to the local wildlife who were very amorous today, twice I came across two sets of little birds showing off to their 'mates' only to be interrupted by this puffing elephant - not to mention being bombarded by coupling butterflies! Hopefully though, not too much damage done :-)


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