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Week 2 started

Just done week 2 R1. Bit delayed starting week 2 but I work shifts and couldnt face it in the heat of the day. First time I have run early in the morning and my whole skeleton seems to take a while to get going...actually less aches and pains when I finished than when I set off. Whats that about? Feel good that I have been able to run that little bit more.

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I've just finished my 1st run of week 2 as well. I always find the first 60 seconds run (90 seconds now) harder than the rest. Before I started this a friend from work who runs told me that once you get through the 1st 5 minutes it gets easier. Maybe this is normal. Perhaps it's about getting a rhythm. It's great though. not working this week so going to start the garden now. Hope I can keep up next week whilst working.


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