Couch to 5K

Where's my blog gone?

I have been out in week 4 due to injury for three weeks but want to pick up C25K once more. I deliberately chose to keep a blog from minus day one as I knew it would help motivate me in difficult times (such as now!), but I can't find it. Please don't tell me all that work documenting my weeks has disappeared without warning! :( And all those wonderful motivational posts that people spent time and trouble to post... at least some of them must have survived? Please, where has everything gone?

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Jillie I had the same problem, but all the old posts are there, just not that easy to find. To see my posts, I clicked on my profile, then clicked 'View my public profile' in the top-right hand corner, then I had the option to see My Posts. I'm sure there's an easier way to do it but if so I couldn't find it!


Fletchasketch, thank you SO much, for a while there I felt quite bereft! Am hoping to get back to some gentle shuffling around in the next few days and I need every bit of motivation I can dig out! Sounds like you are doing well, had to laugh at the thought of you overtaking and falling behind some bemused jogger!

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Thats good to life is on here somewhere!!

I so hope you are now recovered...and good luck on the programme x


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