Couch to 5K

The Nerve of it!

Think I overdid it! Felt all filred up last Monday - did 1st run Week 8, then marched along beach on stones and then popped into local park and did 30 mins on the adult exercise equipment. Ached a bit after that, but did 2nd run in Week 8 on Thursday and the a little run/walk on Saturday with friends. Now I have shooting pains in my backside and down hip! (Maybe a trapped nerve?) So forced to stop running for the moment. So fed up as was so happy with my progress and fact I only had 4 runs till I graduate :(

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I have the same problem, did week 7 run 3 last night and had to stop at almost 20 minutes as i felt like i was limping due to the pain down my right leg! I really don't want to stop though as I am really enjoying running now! I was thinking maybe it is because I was running too fast, tried to slow down but that felt weird! :(


I'm still hobbling around - went to doctor and he told me I have inflammed muscle sac in by bottom (bursitis)! and probably overdid exercise - as I thought! Je have me anti-imflamorties and told me could run if I took it easy! Will wait till Saturday to go out for a run/walk see how I get on.


My pain seems to have gone now, I'm going to try again tomorrow, maybe do week 6 tho, try and take it a bit easier and see how I go!

Good luck for Saturday, hopefully a few days rest will see you right.


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