Nerves Porthcawl parkrun

I'm doing my second parkrun tomorrow and will again be right down the bottom on the lists of times. I feel so nervous it's crazy. I don't like being last... but it's not being last I think but being on my own that's doing it. I will take Laura with me of course but I enjoyed running with my friend so much that I think without her encouragement I won't do as well.

I know it must sound silly but I an going to fell like I'm on my own (I always run with my dog).

Even worse My hubby want to come because he'll be bored on his own for a few hours! Not to support me though!!


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  • You will be fine, have faith in your abilities and im sure your husband and dog will be cheering you on really, if not give him a kick from me!!!!! im on my 7th one tomorrow, and as my friend and i run at different paces so dont always stay together. its hard coping with nerves but im sure you'll be triumphant.:)

  • My OH attempted to run the last K with me. He has pins and bars holding his leg together so ended up in a lot of pain! My friend also came back to run the last but with me. There was one girl (with her dad) behind me She wasn't to far behind but on the largest hill on the way back I totally lost her.

  • I've been last in Pontypridd and will probably be so again tomorrow :) Actually, I've even ended up in tears making sorry excuses for myself to the tail runners even before I started! However, my times have improved, so one day I look forward to someone else starting, who will be like I was at the beginning, and then I'll be second-last :D

  • I was throwing up all morning with nerves! I was running on empty by the time the run started. I'm hoping I can shave off a few mins soon so I can at least be in with the other people.

    S x

  • Well, first of all, well done you for entering a park run....for the FIRST time! Now your going back for round 2 - I think that's brilliant. The fact you have taken the plunge to do this in the first place is a great positive step. Keep doing your training runs- with your dog- and I'm sure you will improve for your park runs.

    I have only recently graduated, because of personal family circumstance, it would be so easy to throw it all in at this moment in time,but then it would all be for nothing.

    We all have to keep plugging away, even when that little voice is saying, what is the point of this?

  • It's my second time graduating! I had a knee injury then, an operation and then a severely twisted ankle! I have been holding myself up for 3 years! I'm really low on confidence at the moment. I hope everything is ok with you. As you say we must keep going. What would we be otherwise? XX

  • Well done. I know exactly how you feel about being last. But keep on with it and the feeling you get as you gradually improve makes it worth it. The first few I did I hated, as the tail runner was always directly behind me but I'm working my way forward so there are a few behind me now. Why don't you run with your dog at parkrun? There are a lot that go to ours. I'm considering getting one of those leads that go round my waist so I can bring mine.

  • Try not to worry too much, get your hubby to cheer you on at the end and, deep breath and try and enjoy yourself...

  • My hubby tried to run with me a bit at the end! He shouldn't really be doing it. He is in agony!

    S X

  • I have just come back from my parkrun today, and I felt terrible for the last runner. Ours is a few loops of the park then you finish on a straight down the middle of the park. As I was leaving, I noticed all the volunteers starting to pack up. As I got out the straight, I started to walk back along the top loop of the park and noticed a teenage girl running a bit then walking. She looked quite upset, and then I saw her dad (assume so) about 30 metres behind shouting a bit of encouragement (you're nearly there etc), so I gave her an encouraging 'you can do it' and she ran another 20 metres or so then carried on walking. All this time, Dad was saying you're nearly there, don't make me run after you (??????) and I felt terrible because if she was doing parkrun, then all the marshalls had already packed away the finsihing equipment.

    I don't know why I am telling this, it just made me so sad.

  • Fair play all of the marshals will meet you at the finish line. I was last but one! One person was walking on all the hills but I just watched her increasing her distance between us. I was gutted!

    S X

  • Think of this as time to yourself and something you are for yourself. You will be fine, sometimes our own company is best but, by all means, take Laura with you. After all, she must be a friend by now. Good luck and best wishes.

  • It was nice with Laura. I kinda knew my time. I was getting regular updates off her!

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