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Restless leg syndrome and pain in joints......I think I found a cure

When I first started this running malarkey ,one of the problems I noticed was how heavy my legs felt when I ran. This did get better as I got fitter. Then I noticed at night when i was resting,I was experiencing sharp random pains in my legs and joints. I could only get relief from this if I moved them. This continued for several weeks and I put it done to age and the usual wear and tear on aging limbs. However I googled my symptoms and found a suggestion that lack of vitamin B12, zinc and magnesium can cause these symptoms. So I bought some liquid supplements from ASDA and 1 week later I am pain free!

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dont you just hate it when you think you're making progress and something else crops up - for me it was bad shins. but rest has sorted that out.

Have heard about the B12 too so might give them a whirl....

... wonder if they will put a tag for ASDA too?


Goodness you've got those tags going. 3 linked to restless, pain and pains. Well done - and glad the legs are feeling better


I think Marmite has a lot of B12 added to it. But don't take my word for it - and I've no idea how much. But I do like marmite!


well done...I think bananas and anchovies will help too..


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