Testing testing 1, 2, 3... B210K Week3Run2

Crikey this new website is testing. As my buddies will remember I last did this run in sunny but cool Innsbruck in mid-May. Second time around I am in sweltering hot Romagna, Italy -- yes sweltering at 7 am. But I finally made it into shorts. Who cares if my legs are white? My excuse is that I'm an ex-pat so they all think I'm round the bend anyway! I need to get that 10K sooner or later -- am almost at 7K (bar 100 metres!).

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  • Hi, Delia! I'm so glad to see you, felt very cut off when I found this new website and couldn't log on until suddenly, when I'd written a grumpy email to admin, a sign in box appeared, just to make me look and feel stupid!

    Well done on the shorts, I have white legs too, but comfort comes above glamour when it's so warm (though it's much hotter in your part of the world). I only managed a 20 minute run this morning as I set out a bit late and got much too hot. Must go exploring the site and see if I can find others we know - Legion, TJ Flute, Pat, Mitts et al. Grrrr, this has quite thrown me off balance!

  • Legion is around but her avatar has turned pink. Mitts is now Mitts2. Pat is here too but TJ is missing still.

  • I think I might be Mitts again...

  • Woo-hoo!!!! :-) :-D

  • next test after re-entering site...

  • Hey Mitts! I think I may have eliminated your messages...I certainly did something awry. Please forgive :-)

  • Don't worry I was only moaning...

  • God getting the shorts on well as brave measure no less. Not ready to expose the legs above the knee just yet.

    My avatar is pink too, totally weird.

    Keep going the 10k is in sight, am just not seeing that horizon yet, just squeezed a 9.45k in on Monday, but the rest are staying shorter.

  • Wow 9.45K that is amazing! Soozz is pink too! And shorts are amazing in this heat!

  • I love my shorts! I run in shorts when the temperature rises above 12°C. Even with white, varicose-veined legs, I like wearing shorts. In fact, I've taken to wearing my running shorts when hiking in this weather. I feel so much 'freer-er' as well as cooler.

  • In fact I wish I had listened to you before! Shorts are brilliant!

  • Hi Delia (and Burstcouch and Mitts). I'm here back on the site again and back running again! I'd been signed off for week with bursitis of my knee (the opposite leg to my earlier IT band issues). The sports physio said I could run again last week, but it still wasn't right, so I left it for another week. I tried it again this evening (and all though I almost melted in the heat), my knee was almost fine.

    I've not been idle in my non-running time as I've started a new summer seasonal job and I'm cycle commuting. If I cycle from home this is a 30-miles (50km) round trip or half that for the days I car share (with my bike) part way with hubby. In fact on the days I cycle even the shorter 15 miles round trip, I'm too knackered to even think about running! ;-)

  • That should say "I'd been signed off for weeks..." Certainly many more than one!

  • ps my avatar has gone the way of many others and taken on a pink hue! :(

  • Yes, many of us are now pink! I'm not luckily, but you should see Legion :-(

  • Hi Swanscot, good to see you. This is like some weird reunion, I'm glad to se we're all still here even though I was told my login was invalid etc again today. Hmmmm.

  • Hi there Swan, I am so glad you made it into the new-fangled website -- Soozz was looking for you recently. And of course I am glad about your knee. Cycling is great - much practised in this flat area of Italy. Talk soon :-)

  • Hi Swanscot - been following you on Garmin! Hope your knee's fully recovered soon!

    I've been treadmilling a lot this year, first it was too cold then too wet and now it's too hot for outside... I know, I'm a total wimp... but I'm running 4-5K 2-3 times a week with no knee issues, never have thought it!

    Happy cycling and enjoy the shorts weather! :-)

  • I've just ordered shorts, I'm ready to get my knees out and my 3/4 leggings are too hot. Knowing my luck, by the time they get here we'll be back to chilly weather. I've been looking for a sleeveless top as well but I don't think my shoulders are ready to be beamed on by the sun yet!

    I went pink as well but reloaded and am now back to my 'normal' orange.

  • You won't regret the shorts. I managed to find a pair that are kind of Wimbledon style. They are black, short, but covered by a miniskirt that hides a million sins (caused by bars of flake and Italian ice-cream!). They are very short so my knees and leg-tops are out there, but feel comfy.

  • I see my avatar has been replaced with a question-mark! Maybe that will make me upload a photo for my profile. Too hot to run today, had a lovely walk in the meadows and woods by the Swale instead.

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