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W6R1 - After a long break, could almost feel my fitness slipping

So last time I blogged was on last Thursday when I completed my week5. Then due to whatever reason (some excused not as good as others) I didn't run for nearly a week.

Got back into week6 and the run was actually challenging. I did not feel it would so after doing a 20 min run but it was. My breathing wasn't so controlled anymore and did feel like I had lost some of the fitness. I hope I get back on track for run3 - 25min sounds scary.

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I didn't run for a week as I was ill and was worried about my fitness slipping but the first run was ok (didn't push myself) and I finshed it and I was thinking I wouldn't be able to and then the following run was better- I think if you have a small break it will just take one or two runs to get back.


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