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I am really thinking that I am not going to be a runner after all. I just cannot do the longer runs now. Did the 20 minutes in wk5, finished wk6, and did the 25 minutes in wk7 once but since then I just seem to give up TOO easily. I don't know whether it is the heat but I definately lack determination. I really do want to finish the programme but I think I get bored. How oh how can I get the enthusiasm and determination back. I don't know whether to try some 2 X 10 minute runs or keep trying the 25 minutes. Can some of you PLEASE suggest anything to help.

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I think we're all struggling at the moment, whether it be the heat or lost mojo!! All I would say is dont beat yourself up too much. If you think trying some 10 mins run would help then do that - maybe finishing a run will give you renewed determination. Also try and recall why you started C25K in the first place, read over your old blogs and remember how amazing it feels to run! :)


The week 7 music is enough to make anyone despair! I did my second 2 week 7 runs to W6R3 - same time and not quite so terrible.

It is harder running in the heat I find and lots of people find the longer runs a bit more tedious. It might help to go in the early morning or late evening once it's cooled off. You could try an different route or run to your own music rather than Laura to keep the interest. It's easier to set up your own playlist once you leave the intervals behind. I love intervals too and the good news is that once you graduate (and you WILL!) you can go back to intervals with the C25k+ Speed podcast and many others.

In the meantime in terms of fitness there's not much difference between 3x10 mins with a couple of minutes walking in between and 30 mins on the trot (in fact many B210k programmes do just this) so don't give up! Get out there and do some running even if it's not according to the Laura plan. Remind yourself of how far you've already come and don't beat yourself up and by the way if you get out there and run, you are already a runner! :-)


i agree, now you are doing straight runs, listen to your own music instead. I can't tell you how much easier it is to run to music that you actually like!


I've been wondering if to run with my own music but wanted to stick with Laura until the end (did W9R1 yesterday) but finding her music absolutely dire and really hoped for something more upbeat for W9. Going to try my own playlist - good to hear that you find it easier with your own music, I'm definitely going to give it a go :)


Bite the bullet and sign up for a 5km, no one will mind if you walk a bit and you'd be amazed how much the event will spur you on. and yes I can remember a time when I would of thought "good advice, for somebody else, but not for me" :-)


Unless you are in pain trying distracting yourself when you feel the urge to stop.

Just think of something else to take your mind away from stopping and tell yourself you can make the run and that soon you'll be at the end and glad you carried on.

If you have some fixed points on your run, just try running as far as them and when you get there, look for the next one and so on, rather than thinking about the whole run.

In this heat I find that slowing down slightly and taking longer deeper breaths helps - your body also needs more oxygen as you progress through longer runs.

If you are finding it boring then having a goal might help and perhaps reward yourself in some way when you have completed a run.

It would be a shame to get so close to graduating only to give up :-(

You are really close so just have faith in yourself and keep at it.

Happy running ;-)


Thanks guys. Just knowing some other people have felt the same helps in a way. Also knowing we are all behind one another is great. That is what is great about this blog. I will keep you posted. Haven't decided what to do tonight yet.


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