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Week 7 R1. It weren't pretty

I didn't enjoy that at all, from the first minute the demons where telling me to stop running, out of breath etc. I often have an internal struggle but don't let it beat me, I find it helpful to remind myself why I started the plan in the first place and although it doesn't stop the "voices" it does help my stubborn side to kick in and carry on.

All the above said I completed the run and although I didn't enjoy it I still had enough to over run and complete 4k in 27mins 25 secs so an average of 6m47s per KM. not bad considering I struggled through out. This is the bit I find the strangest, I hated the whole run, felt that I struggled through it but still managed to run further than I have done before.

And what is going on with the music in this weeks podcast, it improved a little nearer the end but I didn't find it helpful at all.

Onwards to run 2, now I've done this extra bit I was considering skipping straight to wk 8 but have decided to continue on plan and if I feel capable to add a little bit at the end as I did tonight.

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