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Mojo Lost :(

Okay so Tuesday the 2nd July I managed to complete run 1 of week 9 and it was alright. I was struggling with it but didn't stop. However when it came to run 2 on Thursday I just didn't manage it. I headed out later than usual hoping it would have cooled down a bit further but I struggled. I did 10 mins and was stop and go from then till the end :(. my hayfever is acting up and I seem to be continuously blocked up with dry mouth and all. I am drinking loads of water but I'm not feeling the benefits from it long enough to do a 30min run. :( So close!

Anyhow I'm also in the middle of organizing a move to somewhere new. I have thought about dropping back a couple of weeks so when i'm running I feel comfortable with this hayfever of just doing indoor workouts until I can get back out there but I just don't know. Anyone got any advice?

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I so get this. I wrote a blog a while back when I lost my mojo Netherlands advice on here got me through. I had just finished week 9 and then struggled with a few runs - went back to bed instead of going out, struggled with breathing and only completed 10 mins. The advice was to run slower - it worked. It doesn't matter how fast you go, slow and steady wins the race - well maybe not but you'll get round. A run is a run and better than sitting on the sofa! I didn't give up and have now added a few minutes on to my 30. Yes I run slowly but so what. You've got lots going on a running may be a good release for you if you enjoy the scenery and go low and maybe earlier. Hope this didn't go on to much. Remember you're not alone and good luck with everything.


Not Netherlands but everyone's!


Don't underestimate the impact that the weather has, it drains you during the day and then makes the running harder! Plus you've got hay fever on top of the warmth. I agree with jojohove, try slowing it down a bit, but keep plodding on.


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