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Fair weather runner?


So it’s week 2 run 2 and it’s raining. Have already walked the dog once and got soaked... do I just pull on a cap and grit my teeth, or pull the curtains and hunker down...? What does everyone else do? Thanks in advance...

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C25K is not an army military training boot camp course with people shouting in the middle of the night "get up and go for a 5K run" with a 20 Kilogram back pack, if you wish to remain indoors because of the weather you may do so but don't get into the habit of making the winter weather a excuse not to run.


I went out and got wet on a lovely run this morning. If it’s cold and wet I try to make sure I finish at the car or my front door, so I can get into the warmth quickly, and I have 2 towels per runner in the car, one for drying and one for sitting on... so turning at the half way point is quite essential for me.


Give it a go! Running in the rain is a delight, (as long as it’s not a monsoon....) I wear specs, so a peak cap does the trick for me. Once you’re wet, you’re wet......it’s a joy to be out in all weathers, the only thing I will not have a go on is icey pavements....that’s a no-no, I have run in snow (cross country) which was wonderful (the beast from the east last year) with temps of -3 plus wind chill, it was the only run I’ve ever kept my gloves and hat on for the whole thing! 🏃‍♀️

Funny thing, i’ll run in anything......but I’m a fair weather cyclist.....😂



I've always hated the rain but oddly I quite like running in it... keeps me cool. Lucky really as, South of Manchester UK, I'll be doing a lot of rain-running. :)

Thank you!! I’m a glasses wearer as well, so have raised teenage son’s cupboard for a baseball cap and fished out a waterproof fluorescent jacket... W2R2 here I come!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Just get out there... weather is not an excuse to stay in unless it's Icy . Once you're running you forget about the weather hope this helps 😊😊


Running in the rain is far nicer than walking in it. I get quite hot when I run so the rain helps cool me down.

Give it a try - you might enjoy it!

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