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Week 8, brilliant start

Went out around 8:30pm last night as it had been so hot during the day, far too hot to be running, and there was the small matter of the tennis... Anyway, put on shorts and a vest (brave!), decided to leave Laura for this run and put some classic 90s dance tunes on and went for it. Uphill for a start, but the reward was downhill/flat on the way back. It was a beautiful evening, sun still shining but a lovely cooler breeze. A few midges but I don't think they got me ;-) The 28 mins flew by and I felt like I could have gone on and on and on. I looked at my phone at one point and I was doing 9:25 min/mile. Checked Nike+ when I got home and I'd done 2.9 miles in the 28 minutes. Very very pleased with that. :-)

It was just one of those runs where everything was right. More of the same, please!

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