Ran a 5km for British Legion Poppy Appeal

Ran a 5km for British Legion Poppy Appeal

So I graduated on Thursday and decided that I would try my first public event. See how I coped with other people watching me run. So I turned up registered.

Started off at a steady pace, felt as if I was lagging behind however I held my own on a steady pace. Didn't look at walkmeter at all until the end when is actually run 5.62km, it had taken me 38mins... What impressed me though was I had a PB and was running a mile in 11minutes. Chuffed to pieces!!!

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  • Wow! That's really good!

  • Well done you that's great. X

  • Thank you :) just looked at my splits and the 5km took 33mins

  • Brilliant! Well done you! :-)

  • Well done you,now for your graduate badge!

  • A massive well done from over here too, its brilliant when you have that happy happy feeling

  • Really great. Congrats. I'm new at this- what's a PB?

  • Personal Best. :-)

  • Thanks by the way.

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