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Goodbye week 4 - my best and worst run so far

I've been lurking on here for 4 weeks so thought I should really contribute. I finished week 4 today and had the best and worst run today (in parts). First 5 min run was going well but then my car key fell out of my bra! Weird place to keep it I know but no pockets so needs must. After a couple seconds panic I retraced my steps and found it about 5m back and breathed a massive sigh of relief. All this while the golfers on the course were staring at me! Oops. Kind of ruined the first half of the run as I kind of lost my rhythm.

Then I made it into the woods by the golf course and had an amazing second half running/walking through the dappled shade. At the end I was almost disappointed when Laura said it was time for the cool down walk :) It is just so nice to get out in the beautiful evening today.

Looking forward to week 5!

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That's so encouraging to hear! I have my first week four run tomorrow and I'm scared! I hope it goes nicely like your second half :)


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