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Experiences of Week 4 so far.

I did my first run of week four on Tuesday and came across my first incorrigible little gremlin on my shoulder. I've been reading about peoples gremlins and I'm glad that I've finally met mine, it's nice to know what I'm dealing with. I'm going to call mine Boris and he's a tricky little bugger.

He cropped up on my last five minute run, my legs were tired but not to the point of stopping, and I've definatly been in more discomfort on previous runs and pressed on. But something in my mind wasn't working with my body on Tuesday and I had to really argue with myself to carry on going for pretty much the entire run. The thought of finishing was what kept me going, but instead of patting myself on the back I was preoccupied with what had changed for this run to be so unpleasant from the other runs. Maybe the mental block of "Five minutes, arrggghhh" was too much to ignore, but then I know that bad runs can happen and that there's no logic behind it most of the time.

Anyway, rant over and feeling better after having a rest day to really look back on what I've achieved. Roll on the run tonight :)

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Hope Boris stays in his box on your next run. ;-)


I shall have him on a leash! :p


Love this blog! I love your idea of confronting the gremlin and calling the little horror Boris. Maybe you should tell him if he's a good and helpful gremlin, in time he might get a shiny green badge by his name.

Good luck for your run this evening. Leave Boris at home watching TV, on the couch.

I found W4 horrendous too for some reason.


Gremlin's do like shiny things... And hopefully are easily distracted! Week 4 was the worst, I'm so glad to see the end of it and move onto Week 5. Must be a mental thing.


Give Boris the boot! :-) this blog made me chuckle, I have a gremlin also but he has went u-named. You can do it! I just finished week 5 last night and I swear the gremlins were dancing and having a party around me. I found week 4 more difficult for me then week 5??? I think it truly is a mental thing...I consider myself a runner now. Good luck to you!!


But I love how you've said it's defiantly a boy gremlin :p Well done on finishing Week 5! Got my last run of week 5 tomorrow, hope the first 20-minute run of my running career goes well :) Good luck to you!


I definitely had an internal dialogue on w4r2. I found w4r1 was really tough, and I wanted to get r2 done to prove to myself that I could do it.

First I had the maybe its still a bit too hot out excuse, then the maybe I should go out later instead etc. Finally I started, having planned so I didn't finish last 5 minute run up a hill. My first 3 min run was hell, and I had to work hard not to stop running, telling myself I had done it before so I knew I could do it.

Then half way through my 5 min run I seemed to find my pace again (very slow!), but I got the rhythm going and though it wasn't easy, I found I could do it after all! I need to leave my gremlin at home next time too. He makes it harder than it needed to be.

I didn't know about gremlins before, so thanks for sharing your Boris story. :) It will help me smile through my next run.


I'm not sure if it was the route (circular and uninspiring) or what but the last five minute run was pure torture for me as well, it seemed much longer than my first 10 minute run in fact... Odd huh? Yes yes, we need to show these gremlins whose the ruddy boss!


Give it a name and chat with it....lol I might try that to. However just in case you lose the argument. I have a couple of alternatives that I try. I have a little mantra I concentrate on saying/thinking that helps me pass the time. It's very simple. I say I am strong. I am a warrior. I am a runner. You can substitute whatever positive affirmations you need but say them slowly and with a breath in between and 30 secs can zoom past. And you keep doing it over and over until boris can't be heard or shuts the hell up. Also I am told they must be present tense affirmations. So I am trying to become a runner is no good for example. I also imagine I am running/winning a race and my family and friends are watching awe inspired by my unrealness and that distracts me for a while as well. Just some silly things that help when it gets mental hard good luck


I think I will need to talk with it because ignoring it really didn't help >.<

I do like the affirmation idea, I'll try it tomorrow when I'm out and see how far that gets me. We are strong, we are runners :) Good luck to you too!


I talk to myself all the time, what with gremlins etc. I don't think I'm doing it out loud, but I am wearing earphones!! :P

This week it was about telling my gremlin that my body CAN do this (wk5r1). I repeated wk4 because I didn't feel ready before. But I knew I had run 5 mins before and its only slightly worse than 3 mins. Also I kept reminding myself to use gravity. I read so much about running recently my husband thinks I'm obsessed!

I found that leaning very slightly forward helps greatly with momentum. If you're standing still and lean forward with your body straight (not from the waist) you have to take a step so that you don't fall, just keep doing this and keep running. So I thought, why not give that a go. Its helped my pace and ability to keep going so much.

Lots of people seem happy with their style and pace already, but mine was making my knees suffer and helping my gremlin rather than me.... boo to the gremlin - I win this one!

I know what you mean about routes, its not easy finding a suitable, quiet, not too hilly one. But I love the comment "We are strong, we are runners"! I'll remember that next time I'm out.


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