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Week 1, run 4!!

As the family didn't join me until run 2, I had to stay on week 1 for an extra run. However if today's run is anything to go by I will be on week 1 for the foreseeable future. Husband didn't join us as he is unwell, so it was just the child, the dog and myself running in circles around the cemetery today. And wouldn't it be that the same couple as last time were walking their dogs and looking at up as though we were mad.

My dog had a great time, running around all over the place chasing rabbits and making friends with other dogs. But I suspect he went to the loo at one point that I didn't see so I haven't cleared it up - that will worry me for weeks, I would retrace the route to check but he doesn't follow our route and likes to empty his bowels under bushes or other hard to get to places, I can often be seen clambering, disheveled and bleeding, out of a holly bush clutching a bag with dog waste in it (I think he does it on purpose, in my head I can hear him saying - in Eddie Izzard's voice - "now find that one woman, mwa ha ha.").

The child and I did not enjoy ourselves quite so much, both of us were pooped before we started, the child was flagging at the warm up walk stage and he only got worse as the run walk bits went on and kept stopping. I couldn't just leave him and carry on, even though it is a fairly small area we are running in and he is 10, he would insist on me staying with him so I had to slow down when ever he did, which was often. I could cope with it during the walk bit, I just walked in circles around him, but I couldn't in the run bits, so I would run on and then walk back to him in the walk bit, all the turning around knackered me, so I am afraid I only got to the end of the 7th run and I gave up and joined my son who had sat on a bench by this time, as I ran backwards and forwards in front of him. We walked home slightly deflated. Maybe we are all coming down with my husbands bug. And I still don't know what kind of egg I found last time, it's a choice between a blackbirds and a thrush,

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You seem to be having a real challenge, not only learning to run and getting fit, but juggling dog, reluctant offspring and sick husband. Well done for persevering - you deserve to succeed for sheer grit. Keep up the good work, you'll soon settle into a routine that suits you and then it won't be so much of a battle.


Hey BeaniesMum - I sent you a blog at the beginning of this week to see how you were getting on with your hills. I see you have found yourself a cemetry!?!

I'm so glad to hear you are still at it despite the obstacles (not sure you husband or little one would appreciate being called that but you know what I mean...)

You've obviously got it in you to out run Zombies, Tsunami's etc. (searching out dog do do - that's end of the world stuff for me!)

If you have the strength of will to still go out with a sick husband and reluctant child then you've definitely got what it takes and will surely be jogging along for 30mins by the end of week 9.

My personal goal is at the end of week 9 or somewhere thereafter to nonchalantly ask my husband, who is terribly fit and naturally good at all things sporty, to go on a run with me. I wll pretend to struggle a bit to start with and then zip off and leave him in the dust!

I may not have mentioned but at the moment he thinks I'm just going for walks and has no idea (possibly apart from a red face and wild hair when I come home) that I'm doing this programme and it will be the best surprise for us both when I'm fitter and can join in on fun activities that before I would've made daft excuses not to do and watch sadly on the sidelines instead, wishing I was fit enough.

Well done and keep at it!


According to my husband there is a similar podcast called "Run, Zombies!" But as I once got freaked out by the sound of my character breathing in "Quake" (a computer game), I suspect that that would scare me too much. Plus maybe the location of my run might add a little too much to the atmosphere.


Hiya, remember doing something is better than doing nothing so be happy with your little achievements no matter how small... nothing is set in stone and if it takes a little longer to reach week 9 then so be it... it'll all go at the pace it's supposed to go at for you... Enjoy your time running around with your little boy... they grow up very quickly and wont want to run with you then! Keep up the good work :)


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