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W9R2 Tomorrow - Run of my life!

Twenty four hours to go before my first fun run (company event for charity).

I now have the route, which I have measured on Mapometer, and is 3.7 miles long (5.95 km). I haven't quite run that far before (3.3 I think is my limit so far). So a little bit cautious about how I approach this, I don't want to dive in with too faster pace. (I have never run with other people before). My estimate on how long it will take me was 45 minutes (which sets my start time). In theory that should be fine, but I do feel out of my comfort zone. No Laura! To keep me on pace I am going to use RunKeeper.

Wish me luck :-)

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Good luck and remember its a fun run! :) I'm sure you'll get caught up in the event and have a great run. Cant wait to hear all about it.


When I was running round a reservoir (4.25k) I guessed it would be more than week 8's distance/time so I loaded week 9 as well and played them one after each other as I ran. I felt I couldn't do it without Laura's quiet reassurances :-) It worked! I'm sure you'll be fine and amaze yourselves and your colleagues. Good luck.


All the very best for your run. Don't be tempted to go off on a sprint like many do and then find they have to walk before the've gone more than a few hundred metres. Get into your stride and when you are comfortable then you can speed up a bit if you are able. If you have more to give at the end you can sprint to the finish line where you will be well applauded by spectators. You will find the distance will pass quicker with having the comapny of all the other runners too. :) Enjoy.


I remember you committing to this event just a few weeks ago - after years on the sidelines? - yeah, get out there, enjoy it all, pace yourself carefully, but most of all show 'em all what you've been doing for the last few weeks! Your C25K training won't let you down, and as others have said, you'll probably find yourself carried along with the fun of the event! Have a great time :D Looking forward to reading all about it - hope the sun shines for you all. Cheers, Linda ;)


Thanks everyone.

All set now, running shorts and shirt selected. Phone on charge (for Runkeeper). Clean socks. Good to go.


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