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Time to say goodbye & some Stats

Well it was only polite to say goodbye to Juneathon and all those who took part ;)

Juneathon Stats.

Runs9.00 hrs 15 runs 70.4K

Walks 13.25 hrs 14 walks50.6K

Cycle 3.00 hrs 7 rides55.4K

Rowing 8 minutes 1 rowing 1.0K

Cross Training (classes) 29.75 hrs 38 classes

Classes included:- Body Sculpt, Body Pump, Body Balance (Big ball exercise) Pilates, Zumba, Low Impact Aerobics & Weighted hula hoop ;)

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Wow! Some impressive stats there oldgirl, well done!


Wow- go girl!! Fantastic achievement well done!


Phew, I thought you were going somewhere then! Glad it's Juneathon you're leaving, not us!

They're some pretty impressive stats! Brilliant!


Impressive indeed. I have also said goodbye to Juneathon, but I have not added up my stats, as I had a bit of a wobble with my motivation, and they wouldn't stand up to public viewing! :)


Your whole month was amazing, stunning photography with very interesting facts along with the exercise involved to get that info. I really loved your blog's greeners :)


You're welcome - glad you enjoyed it too. :)


Congratulations on all the achievements, some impressive stats, so much variety.


Variety, its the spice of life Phil ;)


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