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Smashed it! WK5D3 - ran *25mins* !!!!!

Whoop! So proud! Was completely knackered today and really couldn't be bothered but I went out there for the dreaded 20min run - and managed to keep running 5mins after the end!

Really chuffed! I'm realising how big the mental part really is. If I just switch off my brain, and/or think positive thoughts (you can do this etc.) then I can just keep going and going, lost in the music.

It's those negative thoughts that are killer - just in the split second where you think you can't it's so easy to stop and then you've feel like you've 'failed' and starting again is even harder.

Totally tuning into music and feelings really helps.

Might skip week 6 and go straight to week 7! Yayy!!

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Well done, keep up the good work, I wouldn't skip any runs, trust in the programme and continue to build gradually. It's definitely a mental thing and I've got to the point where I realise I've got that negative feeling and just kind of shrug it off, as I know it passes as the run progresses. Keep at it, you're doing great.


Thank you! Yeah might be wise to stick at it. Less pressure, and I get easily intimidated by that. Cheers again


Well done for completing week 5. That third run looks quite ominous when you first realise you are running for 20 minutes solid, so to run for 25 is really good.

Stick with the plan though - it's got you this far.


I too also did this run last night, I dont know if it was becuase i was on a different treadmill or what but from the outset i couldnt get comfortable. I plodded am proud that i didnt walk but i went so slow through the last 10minutes, and Ihated every minute of it. At the end I felt physically sick and my face was beetroot, my fiancee said he didnt know if he should congratualte me or call me an ambulance. but it's done now in anycase. Great job Brainsruns You should be proud.


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