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Week 8 Run 2 - Dreadful

I went out to day to complete my W8R2 feeling really good about myself for getting this far. I set off but could only manage 15 mins of running before getting really out of breathe and having to walk. I don't think that I was running any faster than W8R1 so I am not sure where I have gone wrong. This is the first time I have had to give up on a run and I am wondering if I have reached my limit. I will try again tomorrow, but am feeling really down now.

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Everyone (well almost) hits a wall at some stage and has a 'bad' run... but any run is better than sitting on the couch! Maybe you were tired, or a bit dehydrated, but whatever the reason stick with it; you're so close to graduating and it's so worth persevering. :-)

Don't run tomorrow if you don't want to, it may be you will benefit from an extra rest day, try a different route next time maybe, just to fool those little gremlins that will be sitting on your shoulder...

Good luck!


Don't feel so down! Maybe you are a tad under the weather today. You've done jolly well to get this far without giving up on a run. Stop beating yourself up, you are only human after all. (Perhaps you've only just realised that and so now you feel fed up). Have a day off and you will probably surprise yourself next time out. Good Luck and come back and tell us how it goes next time - YOU'LL BE FINE!


Well I had a day off and tried the run again today. I chose a different route and although I didn't make the full 28 mins without some walking- due in part to a forgotten hill, I did a lot better than last time. Thanks for your support it really helped. Lets hope next time I can make it without the walking part.


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