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Week 8 run 1

Still can't believe I'm come this far. 28 minutes of running and I felt great!

I changed my route (which I was skeptical about) and loved it, I was running around a small but beautiful lake for part of it. I even found a small hill, which I run up twice and still managed to up the speed for the last minute.

I can't wait for my next run. Graduation is in sight!

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Cor blimey, you're eating this program for breakfast! Well done Nemi. Graduation is indeed in sight.

So how are you thinking about attacking it? 5K in Sub 30 minutes?


According to mapmyrun I'm currently only running about 3.8k per run :(

My plan after graduation is to run 5k (as long as it takes) and then get my speed up to 30 mins (or less)


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